Tarot ~ the week ahead for each zodiac sign (10/25–10/31)


Aries, this week, you’re feeling extremely on guard. Has somebody hurt you? Anyone who threatens your peace this week will either be cut off or told off. You’re focused on remaining within your personal power. There could be some harsh communication. On the flip side, you could be feeling very shy and unsure of your feelings for someone.


Taurus, this week brings a brand new beginning when it comes to creative projects or something that requires taking action. You’re going to have light communication with someone you’ve been feeling curious about. You’re feeling a strong competitive streak. It should be a fairly hectic week for you. Watch out for petty gossip.


Gemini, you have A LOT going on this week! Choices, choices, choices! You’re trying hard to stay focused, but more options keep popping up for you. It could be that your home life, or work life, or school life is requiring a lot of energy out of you. And instead, you’re letting your emotions take over as you’re stuck in fantasy land.


Cancer, this week you are avoiding your emotions by keeping yourself busy at work or at home. There’s someone you’re really missing right now, but someone in this connection struggles to let their guard down. You’re seriously fighting off your feelings. Instead, you’re choosing to focus on how to make more money, or how to fix up your home, or how to keep your family happy.


Leo, this week you’ll be feeling very torn when it comes to your emotions. You could be struggling to move forward, stuck on the past. Your emotions are kinda all over the place. You’re feeling extra sensitive and so it would be advisable for you to focus on self-love. Work on forgiveness.


Virgo, expect to receive a distinct sign from the universe this week! You will have a supernatural experience that causes you to feel more connected to the universe, and you’ll know for sure if you’re on the right path. There could be a masculine person who’s angry with you this week, and tries to express control over you. You will know for sure by the end of the week if this connection is worth it or not.


Libra, this week you are ready for a brand new beginning! I see you surrendering yourself completely to a strongly masculine energy. Someone wants to take control of you, and it looks like you’re happy about it. The universe is bound to show you some surprises.


Scorpio, this week for you is all about dedication. You won’t be starting something new or ending anything old — but continuing the midst of a project. You’re working hard at your job or within your home life. I also see you expressing yourself emotionally, even if you’re a little shy about it. There could be some flirtation with someone from your past, but nothing great enough to distract you from your work.


Sag, lots of good luck coming towards you this week! Expect some joyful surprises to pop up for you! You’re really in your head this week, trying to get your thoughts together. You could be harshly criticizing yourself. Someone you have already moved on from may try to come back.


Cap, this week brings you an interesting mix between work and play. You’re going to have a lot of fun with your friends this week. You’ll see how much your friends support you. However, control issues could get in the way — perhaps a masculine figure overpowering you, or an authority figure telling you what to do, or your own inner issues holding you back.


Aquarius, this week there’s someone or something that you’re really clinging to. You’re holding onto the past and worried about a new start. You could be lacking inspiration, focusing more on home and work matters. It’s very possible that you’ll attempt moving forward by the end of the week.


Pisces, this week is extremely significant for you, considering you pulled all major arcana cards!!! You’re taking control of your destiny. Any action you take this week will be life changing! You were meant to fully step into your power during this exact time of your life. Someone or something must be left behind in order for you to move forward and make your wishes come true.

Collective conscious

For all zodiac signs, this week brings you great positivity and playfulness. Even if your weekly spread seemed somber, all your challenges are necessary for you to find happiness. I see you connecting deeply with your inner child. You’re going to be putting in a lot of self-work. You will abandon projects that drain you in order to focus on what brings you emotional satisfaction.


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