Nov. 3, 2020.

Astrology: The 3rd quarter moon is in Gemini, making us more social, thinking differently, and feeling extremely back and forth. Mercury goes direct today! Expect technology to run smoother, less misunderstandings, and more direct communication in general. Today’s number being 9 brings great intensity and some type of ending or completion.

Tarot: today’s card is Temperance. This is a significant major arcana card. Today’s energy requires a lot of patience. There will be some experimenting and something different being done. Divine intervention possible or something orchestrated by the angels. Destiny plays a key part.

Vampire Oracle: Faith: trust, unwavering, confidence.

Crystal: two cards popped out: 1) Bloodstone is about perseverance and having the strength to conquer your enemies. 2) Quantum quarto represents synergy and complexities and multiple factors.


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