What can I see about the U.S. election 2020? I don’t think I can predict who will win, but what will happen…?

We are dealing with a brand new beginning here. The Emperor reverse shows a loss of power and control. The fool is the very first card in the deck, indicating that this next chapter is going to deal with brand new factors we’ve never dealt with before. And three of pentacles reversed tells me there will be a focus on work, home, and money. It will be an extreme election, very significant, very different. A lot of new factors have been thrown in.

And what does the vampire oracle have to say? “That death will come” means there will be an ending and a new start. “Natural” implies that the truth will come out. And “Knowledge” could indicate new information being revealed, or a lot of research being done.

How will Trump respond to the results? I see a lot of instability for Trump. There could be some problems relating to his family. Again, it looks like more information will come out. There is some indication he may leave the white house but if not he could make a lot of changes or cause great division within the white house. I think he’s going to reveal a lot, and most likely about his family. Definitely something about his family being involved. And definitely something about secrets and privacy. Regardless of results there’s something he will be unsatisfied about.

How will Biden respond? Wow, very interesting they both got nine of pentacles in the same spot, just that Trump was reverse and Biden is upright. Also, Biden has one major arcana while Trump had none. So Biden could lose his strength or feel very weak regarding the results. But I see him really keeping his cards close to his chest. If he’s forced to defend himself he will struggle with this. I don’t see him having much of a reaction at all regardless of results. He’s going to really hold himself back. Don’t expect him to say or do much.

How will Kanye react? Kanye is going to have A LOT to say. He’s going to get emotional. He may be heartbroken about election results but is going to find deep understanding and forgiveness through it. He’s going to commit himself to some type of endeavor that promotes sensitivity and forgiveness.

How will the public react? Interesting my wordpress app just froze which never happens! Anyway, a great divide among the people, which is obviously expected. To the left, we have holding onto the past. To the right, we have cutting off the old. Makes sense when you think of how Republicans are called the left and democrats the right. Republicans want to keep Trump in office while Democrats want to cut him out. In the middle we have an unstable and unjust government. There will be a lot of chaos and unfairness.


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