Week of Nov. 22, 2020

Sagittarius season has begun. This is the time for adventure and determination. Venus has entered Scorpio, making our love lives much more intense (and sexual.) Although Scorpio season has just ended, we now have both Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, so that dark energy is still affecting all of us. It’s time to rethink the way you express your passion for someone.

The moon is in 2nd quarter all week, starting with Pisces and moving through Aries, into Taurus. The start of the week has you feeling dreamy, and by Wednesday, it’s time to take action regarding your dreams. The weekend could be romantic for some, and if not romantic, you’ll certainly be feeling super cozy and toasty.

The week ends with Neptune going direct on Saturday. It’s time to go back into dream-world. When Neptune went retrograde back in mid-June, you could have experienced some harsh wakeup calls and reality checks. As retrograde ends, you’ll be putting those rose-colored glasses back on and the world is going to look a little softer again.


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