Numerology: 2020 vs. 2021

Let’s take a look at the past year (2020) and the year to come (2021) regarding numerology.

2020 = #4

2 + 2 = 4, making 2020 the year of number “4.”

Looking back, this makes a lot of sense. The number 4 has much to do with home life. Considering the pandemic and quarantine, all of us have been forced to stay at home this year. Even if you still went to work this year, rather than working from home, you still spent much of your time at home — with all the closures and restrictions put in place.

The number 4 also has to do with patience. This year certainly tested our patience! Our plans were put on hold. We were forced to wait, wait, and keep on waiting. We constantly checked the news, waiting for someone to tell us things would go back to normal. Just as summer came and it seemed like cases were going down, autumn came around and told us we have to keep waiting even longer. This was certainly the year of “waiting.”

Another thing the number 4 relates to is stability. Now this may sound ironic at first — considering how many changes and disruptions we were forced to deal with at the start of the year. However, moving past the initial shift/shock of quarantine, things were basically very stable. Life itself is unstable and full of constant change, but considering most of us have been staying home all day, we avoided a lot of unknowns. Most of us did zero traveling this year — perhaps visiting close relatives at most. As soon as quarantine was put into place, it turned out to be a very boring year!

To add to this, the number 4 is also about rules and structure. Again, this completely correlates with quarantine — considering all the strict regulations that governments all over the world were forced to put into place. Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic has made this year all about rules, stability, patience, and home-life — everything that symbolizes “4.”

2021 = #5

2 + 2 + 1 = 5, making 2021 the year of the number “5.”

No doubt, next year is going to be all about change. It’s hard to say for sure how this “change” will manifest, as 5 is the most unpredictable number of them all. Does this mean that quarantine will come to an end? Or does this mean that the pandemic will force us to make permanent changes about the way we live? It’s hard to say which way this will go…

Considering vaccines are already in the works, it’s very likely that quarantine will come to an end. The number 5 not only represents change, but freedom. So I can definitely see this being the year that restrictions are lifted and we finally feel free again. Imagine how it’s going to feel — simply going out in public without a mask after a year of all of us hiding our faces for so long — it’s going to be impactful when this day comes (if ever?!) When restrictions were first lifted (before returning again) last summer, even something as simple as removing the “arrows” in grocery store aisles made me feel so excited, almost invincible!

Whether or not quarantine comes to an end, certainly expect deep change within your personal life. A lot of people will be going through breakups, getting married, having babies, switching careers, graduating, moving — big life events! If traveling restrictions do lift, then you can expect A LOT of traveling, more than ever before! The number 5 is all about travel. And if not physical travel, then a lot of “spiritual traveling” — anything from a change of personality, to astral projection and lucid dreaming.

The number 5 is also directly related to the five senses. This year brings an emphasis on sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. Some will experience a boost in their sex life; some will be trying new foods — learning how to cook better or dining at exotic places; some will discover great new music; some will dive into aromatherapy, incense, and candles; and some will see things they’ve never seen before. It’s a great year to appreciate the arts. On the downside, some may get into painful accidents — so be mindful of your health.

The number 5 can bring conflict and challenges. If you are not open-minded, then this may be an extremely difficult year for you. The best way to get through this year is by dropping expectations and accepting whatever comes your way. Deep breathing, yoga, and stretching can help you embrace the unknown.

As 5 is the most unpredictable number, this year is the most challenging to predict. All I can say is this: expect the unexpected.


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