Astrology Report for the Year of 2021


2021, on a collective level, brings the emergence of new ways of thinking. Late spring and early summer will be especially significant — expect the unexpected! Lots of surprises and breaking the rules — just be sure you don’t fall too far off the deep end or you’ll suffer the harsh consequences. Things will calm down by autumn as a sense of security is put into place and you could reap many material benefits. But don’t get too comfortable, as late November and early December brings even more significant change. Still, nothing as crazy as summertime energy. The year should end on a steady note as you look back on your love life and reassess all the lessons you’ve learned this year.


The year starts off with Uranus coming out of retrograde and returning back to its weird and unique self, just in time for the full moon in Leo, urging you to express your individuality. How fitting this is for Aquarius season. January is all about accepting your flaws and embracing them! Say what you need to say before the last day of January, as Mercury goes retrograde for the next month, and no one will understand all your out-of-the-box ideas at this point.

Spring brings us retrogrades in Pluto and Saturn until autumn, and yet again another quick Mercury retrograde during June. Summer has us struggling with self-discipline and transformation. If you want to make any permanent changes in your routine, certainly do this well before springtime. Spring and summer brings a careless sense of unrestraint, breaking taboo, and rethinking societal norms. Any changes taking place at this time will be completely out of your control.

May 26 brings a lunar eclipse and June 10 brings a solar eclipse, marking days of dramatic endings that lead to impactful new beginnings that will affect everyone in different ways. In June, Jupiter and Neptune both go retrograde. You could experience a harsh “reality check” at this point, a sense of the universe raining on all yours dreams — although Saturn’s retrograde energy will help you cope by breaking tradition and finding new ways to deal with everything.

A sense of structure returns in autumn, with Saturn going direct just as Uranus goes back into retrograde. Another Mercury retrograde in late September, with both Mercury and Jupiter going direct on October 18, two days prior to the blood moon in Taurus. October will be a significant month, focused on home and family life, as well as physical abundance. It will be a time of security and good fortune — indicating new commitments & marriages, newborn children, a pay raise or money bonus, job promotions, and delicious comfort-food!

November 19th brings another lunar eclipse and December 4th another solar eclipse, again, indicating dramatic endings and brand new beginnings. And the year ends with Venus going retrograde mid-December, as reflection of 2021 will be mainly focused on your love-life, possibly the return of an ex-lover or miscommunication with your current love.


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