Horoscope for the week of Jan. 3 — Jan 9, 2021.

This week is focused on letting go and surrender. It should start out fairly peaceful. Midweek may possibly shake up your love-life, but otherwise the rest of the week should be stable and calm.

The week begins with 3rd quarter moon in Virgo, as many of us are feeling withdrawn and independent. As the moon reaches 4th quarter in Libra by Wednesday, cooperating with others comes easy. Also on Wednesday, Mars enters Taurus — you will be motivated to take practical action regarding love.

Thursday and Friday brings a fourth quarter moon in Scorpio, causing you to feel isolated and secretive, but your intuitive powers will be heightened. Also on Friday, Mercury enters Aquarius — expect some strange conversations, but for the benefit of the community. And Venus enters Capricorn, as love matters transition from a phase of “adventure” into a more serious and heavy phase of commitment/attachment. The weekend’s 4th quarter moon in Sagittarius has you thinking in different, yet positive, ways.


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