Horoscope: Week of Jan 31-Feb 6, 2021.

Sunday’s 3rd quarter moon in Virgo places focus on your health, hygiene, and attention to detail. It’s a great day for cleaning up your home and taking care of yourself. Monday and Tuesday’s moon is in Libra, promoting harmony among partnerships.

On Monday, Venus enters Aquarius. This will make you rethink your partnerships, both of platonic and romantic. If you’ve been feeling stale with someone for a while now, this is a great period to figure out ways you can shake things up. Often we get caught up in ideas about how a relationship “should” look like, but with Venus in Aquarius, we allow ourselves permission to embrace unconventional bonds with people who are different than us.

Wednesday and Thursday’s moon in Scorpio has you feeling more withdrawn and seclusive. But by Friday evening into Saturday, the Sagittarius moon has you feeling more brave and adventurous — coupled with the Aquarius sun and Venus, this weekend is fantastic for trying something new with your friends or partner.


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