New Moon in Aquarius ~ Feb 11, 2021.

The new moon in Aquarius strikes on February 11th 2021! It’s time to use logic to detach yourself from anything that has been holding you back emotionally. Go deep inside your head to explore your own world as you shut the disappointment out. Time to embrace your uniqueness without judgment. Time to act differently when it comes to solving your problems. And lastly, time to think about the greater good — the community as a whole.

We will be feeling this energy several days prior and afterwards.

How each sign will be affected:

This applies to your sun sign & your ascendant sign.


The new moon in Aquarius is happening in your 11th house. Your focus right now is on friendship. This is a great time to form new connections, mainly on a platonic level. If you’ve been feeling lonely for quite a while now, expect this to come to an end. This is the start of a new group, team, or social circle forming. You have a great support system. Also, you have a lot of wisdom right now and your intuition is on point. Discussions with others will lean on spiritual topics.


The new moon in Aquarius is happening in your 10th house. You’re in the spotlight right now. There could be some type of change regarding your reputation or how you appear to others, perhaps the announcement of a big change in your personal life. Be careful about what you do, because everyone’s watching!


The new moon in Aquarius is happening in your 9th house. You’re feeling a great sense of adventure right now. You could be traveling or itching to go somewhere new. You’re entering a new cycle of deep exploration, either worldly or through your mind and emotions.


The new moon in Aquarius is happening in your 8th house. This is a very intense time for you that could have anything to do with sex, money, and karma. You’re thinking a lot about your material gains, but also feeling a sense of spiritual awakening at the same time. You are going through a deep transformation right now. It’s vital that you let go of fear right now if you want to see results.


The new moon in Aquarius is happening in your 7th house. Your focus is on love right now. Many of you are entering into a new relationship, or at the start of a brand new romantic venture. At the same time, you’re feeling very deep in your head, and doing a lot of investigating right now. This is an ideal time to get into detective mode, especially if you’ve got questions about your partner.


The new moon in Aquarius is happening in your 6th house. This is the best time for you to start a new health routine, new diet or exercise regimen. You could be called to deal with health matters right now such as an important doctor’s appointment or surgery. There could be a great responsibility placed upon you within your job (promotion, longer hours, new skills) or your family (pregnancy, children, care-taking.)


The new moon in Aquarius is happening in your 5th house. Expect great change — and the more open-minded and flexible you are about it, the easier this will be. You could be dealing with kids right now or reconnecting with your own inner-child. There will be fun, laughter, and plenty of goofiness.


The new moon in Aquarius is happening in your 4th house. There is a serious focus on your home and family right now. There could be matters involving your parents, children, or relatives that require your attention — some type of transition going on. Perhaps there is an addition to the family, new children or a marriage; maybe you’re moving homes, or someone in your family is moving homes. Your foundation is being shaken, but this is going to be a stable and long-lasting change.


The new moon in Aquarius is happening in your 3rd house. Creativity is now at an all-time high for you! Use this energy to express yourself and communicate your ideas with others. With your dedicated focus, you could seriously make your mark on the start of a brand new creative project. Many people are highly attracted to you right now and want to hear what you have to say.


The new moon in Aquarius is happening in your 2nd house. This could be a time of great prosperity for you. Any investments you make right now will come back to you in generous amounts. It’s also the ideal time to confront your shadow self. Some of you may meet a new partner.


The new moon in Aquarius is happening in your 1st house. Say hello to a brand new beginning! The past twelve months have been a journey — think about all the lessons you’ve learned and the progress you’ve made. Time to put yourself first and think about what you truly want. Forget about people-pleasing for once.


The new moon in Aquarius is happening in your 12th house. As a Pisces, you are generally in your head most of the time, but now this energy will be amplified even more intensely. You’ll be feeling completely out of it. Expect to have some wacky and memorable dreams. Don’t be surprised if you end up creating an entire sci-fi saga in your mind. With every ending comes a new beginning, but currently you are much more focused on something that has ended for you. You could be feeling quite lost, retreating for comfort.


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