Horoscope: Week of 2/7–2/13

The week begins with 4th quarter moon in Capricorn. Sunday through Tuesday are ideal days for finishing up work-related projects. You may want to cancel any social plans and instead, stay home, and be extra productive.

The moon shifts to Aquarius on Wednesday, and on Thursday, a new moon. This is a new beginning with a focus on uniqueness, individuality, and the greater good. It’s time to go inwards and think hard about any unconventional dreams you have been hiding.

Friday through Saturday, a 1st quarter moon in Pisces. This is highly withdrawn and dreamy energy, and you’ll really be deep inside your head.

Overall this is a very quiet week. It can bring great insight and enlightenment, but on more of an internal level. You may not be too social, but you will be thinking quite a lot.


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