Horoscope: Week of 2/14-2/21

The week begins with a 1st quarter moon in Aries, indicating a fresh new start and feelings of readiness to take on a new venture and challenge yourself. Wednesday and Thursday, with the moon in Taurus, brings about feelings of warmth, coziness, and possibly stubbornness.

Thursday marks the start of Pisces season! As Aquarius season was focused on individuality and community, crafting your unique talents and putting yourself out there, Pisces season is much more withdrawn and dreamy. This is a time of heightened intuition and empathy. Going with the flow will lead you to your destiny. You can really count on your sixth sense these next four weeks. Pay extra attention to your dreams. Use this season to figure out what your true fantasies are.

The week ends with the moon in Gemini. The combination of communicative Gemini and dreamy Pisces allows you to express your desires to your loved ones with ease.

On Saturday night, Mercury thankfully returns direct, and retrograde is over! There is definitely a strong possibility of receiving straight-forward answers at this time.


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