Horoscope: Week of Feb 21-27

The week starts out with the 2nd quarter moon shifting into Cancer on Sunday night. Through Monday and Tuesday, emotions are heightened and your focus will be fixated on your home life, possibly motherhood or a maternal figure. Wednesday and Thursday, the moon is in Leo, provoking self-expression and confidence.

On Thursday, Venus enters Pisces, just as the sun is now in Pisces. You may find yourself dreaming heavily about romance, feeling extra sensitive, and more in tune with your intuition. If you are searching for answers in love, this is the best time to seek those answers within, while in deep meditation — rather than relying on logic, information, or the advice of friends.

Friday’s Virgo moon leads us to Saturday morning’s full moon in Virgo. Resist the urge to overthink, overanalyze, and nit-pick! Rather, use this energy to cook yourself a healthy meal, do a fun workout, and dive into a personal project. Try to stay physically active this weekend, or else your mind may drive you into a frenzy.


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