Aries — March 2021

Aries, the start of the month may begin with conflict as drama-feuled Mars enters your 3rd house of communication. There could be a confrontation with a family member, friend, or co-worker. You can harness this fiery energy in a positive way by expressing yourself through action rather than words. Resist the urge to get involved in an argument. Rather, throwing yourself into a tough workout or physically-strenuous hobby will keep you grounded.

Halfway through, Mercury enters your 12th house, meaning that there may be some heavy communication about wrapping projects up. Some of you may experience a breakup or say goodbye to an old friend. It’s also possible that someone will tell you a secret, or you’ll uncover some hidden information. Also during this time is a new moon in Aries, emphasizing the start of a new cycle as you let go of your past.

On the 21st, the sun enters your sign of Aries — Happy birthday, or almost birthday! From here on through the next four weeks, you’ll be feeling very in-your-element. As an Aries, you are already accustomed to putting yourself first, but this time frame gives you that extra burst of confidence you’re always craving.

The month wraps up on a high note, with Venus also entering your sign of Aries on the 22nd. Relationships, whether romantic or platonic, should be fairly harmonious. You will see yourself in others, drawing parallels between those you deal with and yourself. On the 28th is a full moon in Libra, falling in your 7th house, stimulating commitment and balanced partnership. Disagreements from earlier in the month should resolve themselves by now.


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