Cancer — March 2021

Cancer, the month begins with Mars entering your 12th house on March 5th, motivating you to pursue more spiritual goals rather than material or superficial. Alongside, you’re going to become more secretive with your pursuits. Expect a lot of sensual fantasies to run through your head. You could experience some energy depletion so it would be wise to rest up.

Mid-month brings a new moon in Aries, which lights up your 10th house. This indicates a brand new beginning in regards to your career and reputation. You could be starting a new job, making a change in your appearance, or experiencing a shift in how others see you. Also mid-month, as Mercury enters Pisces in your 9th house, you may find yourself speaking more philosophically these next few weeks. This placement will bring you greater desire to learn more from others, or possibly talk about future travel plans.

With Aries season beginning on the 21st, the sun is shining on your 10th house. From here until the next four weeks, you’ll be very focused on career, status, and success. You will find that people are paying more attention to you, and you’ll be feeling extra eager to achieve.

The following day, on the 22nd, Venus also enters your 10th house. Again, career continues to be a main focus for you. Your boss will find you more charming and you’ll experience praise and harmony with co-workers. This could also be an indication of putting more work into your love life.

March wraps up with a full moon in Libra, glowing up your 4th house. You’ll end the month thinking a lot about comfort and stability. Your family life, specifically a maternal figure or motherhood, will be of great importance.


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