Horoscope Week of Feb 28-March 6

The weeks starts off harmonious with the 3rd quarter moon in Libra, promoting fairness and balance. And then the moon shifts into Scorpio late Tuesday, sparking more independent and isolated energy.

Mid-week, Mars is transiting into communicative Gemini. This passionate burst could cause conflict and arguments for many, if this energy is not used constructively. You’ll find yourself eager to tell other people about what makes you excited, but be careful of who your audience is, because if the other party has a conflicting opinion then things could get messy.

Thursday evening into Saturday, the moon is in Sagittarius, reaching 4th quarter on Friday night. This weekend, you’ll feel very adventurous and ready to try something new — but on a smaller scale, such as having only one or two friends over, or staying in by yourself. Watch a movie outside your typical taste, or order takeout from an exotic restaurant, or work on a new hobby.


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