Libra — March 2021

Libra, you’re coming into this month with Mars entering your 9th house. You’ll be feeling more motivated to learn more, possibly education or schooling, but more likely spiritual teachings. Knowledge is going to excite you. You could be studying more hours, hiring a tutor, signing up for online courses, getting more involved in a religious community, or staying up late reading books about the occult.

Occurring in mid-month is a new moon in Aries, which is happening in your 7th house. There could be a new friend or lover entering your life at this time. Some of you will be getting married or engaged, or making a new deal with a business partner. And then on the 16th, comes Mercury transitioning into your 6th house. You could feel compelled to reach out to a doctor or nutritionist for health advice. Conversations with others will tend to revolve around responsibilities and practical thinking.

The 21st marks emergence of Aries season. These next four weeks place focus on your 7th house, a very balanced and harmonious time for you. The following day, Venus travels to your 7th house as well — an extremely beneficial placement. For those of you in a committed relationship, there will be plenty of fairness and equal compromise, likely a transition into even deeper commitment. And for many single Libras, don’t expect to be single for too much longer.

The full moon in Libra happens on the 28th, lighting up your 1st house. You’ll be feeling super in-your-element and confident. Luck is seriously on your side this month, especially towards the end. A lot of people are feeling drawn to you and there shouldn’t be much conflict at all. Enjoy this happy time!


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