Pisces — March 2021

Pisces, you’re stepping into this month with Mars traveling to your 4th house. Instead of going out to socialize, you’ll find yourself wanting to do things at home — fix things up, move furniture around, or do an online workout routine. Go ahead and use this passionate energy for home projects, otherwise you could fall prone to conflict with family members or roommates, specifically a mother figure.

The new moon in Aries happens on the 14th, falling in your 2nd house. You could receive many gifts around this day, or feel the urge to go out on a shopping spree. Two days later, Mercury enters your 1st house. This promotes highly harmonious communication for the next few weeks. You won’t be feeling too shy to express your needs and what you want to others.

On the 21st, is the start of Aries season, with the sun in your 2nd house. You’ll be thinking more materialistically for the next few weeks, focused on the physical pleasures, possibly spending or eating a little more than usual.

On the 22nd, Venus enters your 2nd house as well. Relationship matters are highly focused on the physical now. Massages, cooking nice meals, and buying gifts for your partner will really help to deepen your relationship.

The month wraps up with a full moon in Libra, which lights up your 8th house. There could be some intense change happening around this day.


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