Sagittarius — March 2021

Sagittarius, this month starts off with Mars entering your 7th house on the 5th. This is indicative of proneness to conflict with your partner, friends, or co-workers. On the plus side, it also means that you’ll be putting more effort into your relationship. And if you’re single, you’ll be likely to make moves on someone and put yourself out there. Whether it’s an already established partner or a potential love interest, don’t be surprised to find yourself setting up dates or making grand romantic gestures.

Two weeks in, comes the new moon in Aries, which will be in your 5th house. Happening on the 14th, you’re going to try something brand new that inspires a creative burst. The next day, Mercury enters your 4th house, sparking communication surrounding your home and family.

With Aries season initiating on the 21st, the sun is in your 5th house. The next four weeks, you’ll find yourself doing things differently and breaking old patterns. People will notice a change in your overall personality.

The following day on the 22nd, you also have Venus transiting into your 5th house. Similarly, there will be a great shift in your love life. You will find yourself thinking more open-minded when it comes to romance — single Sag’s will notice themselves interest in someone outside of their usual “type,” while coupled Sag’s will be eager to try something different with their partner. It’s a great time for brainstorming unusual date ideas that you will be sure to remember someday.

Concluding the month is a full moon in Libra, lighting up your 11th house on the 28th. Friendship will be on your mind and you’ll be rethinking adjustments you’d like to make in your social circle. If you’ve recently had a falling out with a friend, this is a perfect day for forgiveness and reconciliation.


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