Scorpio — March 2021

Scorpio, you’re walking into March with Mars coming into your 8th house in the 5th. You’re seriously dedicated to self-improvement and self-transformation right now. You’re feeling inspired to earn more money, make personal changes, and solve mysteries. If you’re coupled up, there will be some fiery chemistry these next few weeks. If you’re single, then you’ll be seriously itching to put yourself out there and find someone.

The new moon in Aries on the 14th places emphasis on your 6th house — a new beginning regarding responsibilities. A select few of you are entering parenthood, some of you might be asked to take care of a child around this time, and some of you may adopt a new pet. Or at work, you could be given a new task or higher position. Another possibility is the start of a new diet or workout plan.

Also during this time, Mercury enters your 5th house. You could be having some playful conversations, or talking with others about fun ideas. This is a great time to express your creativity and share your art with the world.

Welcome to Aries season on the 21st, lighting up your 6th house. Expect a personality shift in taking yourself more seriously and making health a priority. The following day, Venus also enters your 6th house, meaning that you’re going to take your relationships more seriously as well. Pregnancy is possible for a select few of you, but most of you are simply feeling more interest in a partner who can offer you support and reliability.

March concludes with a full moon in Libra on the 28th, placing focus on your 12th house. The serious energy continues, as you’ll be feeling very reflective and thinking a lot about the past on this day.


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