Horoscopes for March 2021 are posted!

Hi everyone,

Personalized horoscopes for each zodiac sign is now live!

This is my first time writing personalized horoscopes. I’m sure they will get better with practice, but this is the start. For those of you in eastern time (like me), the dates are slightly off. This should be irrelevant, because with planetary transits, they are mainly felt several days to a week before and after the actual date it happens. The energy continues for as long as the planet remains in that sign, but they are felt strongest during that transition.

For these horoscopes, you can look up your sun sign and rising sign (or “ascendant sign”) To figure out your rising sign, you have to know your time and place of birth, and enter this into a birth chart calculator which you can easily google (I recommend ‘cafe astrology.’) If you don’t know time/place of birth (it’s on your birth certificate) then you can just check your sun sign, which you just need to know your birthday for. If you find that your sun sign report conflicts with your rising sign, then rely more on your rising, as this one is more accurate. But both should be applicable.

Xoxo, Crystal Aura


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