March = #3 — Month of Creative Communication

As March is the third month of the year, we experience themes of “3” during this time. While February was focused on relationships and duality, March is all about creative communication.

Three is the most expressive number of all. So this month, you’ll find yourself communicating more frequently. This does not simply refer to “talking more often,” but the art of taking what’s hidden inside of you and transforming it into the physical plane for the people around you to see. You know that feeling, when you have a whole speech playing inside your head, but you open your mouth and nothing comes out? Or you have a beautiful scene playing inside your head, and you try to put this on paper, and it doesn’t come out how you pictured at all? Well, this month, you can certainly overcome that blockage.

Communication can be words, but it can also be body language, performance, artwork, and so on. Speaking, writing, singing, painting, and dancing are just several forms of the platforms we use to communicate. Through listening, watching, observing, reading, smelling, touching, etc. we also participate in communication.

With all communication, there’s the “giver” such as who speaks, the “receiver,” such as who listens, and then there’s a third aspect — this is an energy — the “medium” or “messenger” that allows the message to flow from giver to receiver. And so, the number 3 is all about communication.

I have noticed a pattern, that March always seems to be the month when we can no longer contain our feelings to ourselves. Whether positive or negative, whatever feelings you’ve been having are sure to burst around this time. This could mean going off on a rant to all your friends about how stressed you’ve been, or confronting someone who’s been pissing you off for a while, or letting it slip that you have been crushing on someone. The truth is sure to come out, for better or worse — and remember, it might not necessarily come out through words, but through behavior or actions.

Alongside, the number 3 is highly creative. You’ll find your imagination very strong this month as you slip into vivid daydreams or make lots of art. Use this month to get yourself out of a rut if you’ve been feeling stuck for a while. Let yourself fantasize. Write down new ideas before they slip away.

A warning sign is that “3” can be oversensitive, overdramatic, and childish — so this month may bring hurt feelings and immaturity. The lesson of this month is to see life as a movie, that people’s egos are simply actors spitting lines. Take a step back and see yourself as the director. Realize that drama is simply the entertainment we create when we’re bored. Don’t take anyone or anything too seriously. If you want to say something, avoid confrontation — instead find a way to express yourself artistically.


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