Horoscope: Week of March 14-20

The week starts out feeling like a fresh start with the 1st quarter moon in Aries. On Monday, Mercury enters Pisces, so there could be a lot of communication going on. People are now going to speak more about their dreams. There will most likely be less chatter going on, and more creative expression happening. This will also be a really great time for telepathic occurrences. If you are highly connected to your intuition, you may find it easier to read people’s minds.

Tuesday and Wednesday bring us comfort and stability with the Taurus moon. Take this time to rest up and properly nourish yourself, before next week’s 2nd quarter moon brings us higher energy and more social activity.

The week ends with the Gemini moon, a great time for socializing and sharing ideas. Saturday morning, we shift into Aries season! As the zodiac cycle closes for the year, another begins! Use this energy to take those first steps into a brand new venture.


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