I’m going to be discontinuing generalized weekly horoscopes! This way I can focus more on the monthly personals (and pets!)

I did make a mistake on March’s horoscopes. The new moon is actually in Pisces, not Aries!!! Whoops!!! Hopefully I do better on next month’s!

I’m working on adding more reports/readings on my Etsy shop… Already added two new ones — “what’s my healing crystal?” options for 1 or 3. Now working on posting a personalized numerology report. And in the future, I’d like to post personalized astrology readings, but that probably won’t be for a bit.

I completed my numerology course today, and the certificate is now posted in my bio! This one was pretty quick and much simpler than the astrology course!

April tarot videos will be posted on Youtube the last weekend of March.

Would also like to include more free written tarot reports on this site.

And finally, just trying to figure out how to get the site more organized… I think it’s okay but can use some reformatting…


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