Tarot Report: What does your next relationship look like?

This is a *SINGLE’S ONLY* tarot reading for what your next relationship is going to be like. This report describes the overall energy, the chemistry, what you’ll do together, and what your future partner is like.

Pick a card…

  • Pile 1 (pink candle)
  • Pile 2 (red candle)
  • Pile 3 (blue candle)
  • Pile 4 (black candle)

(If you feel called to more than one, you can choose more.)

Cards & description below…

Pile 1) Pink Candle

The overall energy: This is no light-hearted relationship. The next one you enter will be serious, long-term, and committed. For some, this could lead to marriage, or at least talks of marriage. You two are going to go through a lot, there’s going to be a lot of tests. The universe is going to push both of you to your limits — but not to be cruel, rather to see if you two are genuinely meant for each other and strong enough to last. This person is going to open up to you in a way that they never have before with anyone else, revealing deep truths that they keep hidden from the rest of the world. Similarly, you are going to show this person the real you, inside and out. Now this could get ugly, both of you revealing your dark side to one another, but ultimately it will make your relationship that much stronger and deeper. This relationship will force you to put down your pride and understand life from a new perspective.

Cards: Forgiving and learning; getting to know each other; engagement.

The chemistry: The chemistry looks really good, very fiery and wild, but in a deep and emotional sort of way. What will excite you two the most is talking about your future and making plans together. Intimate discussions about the potential of this partnership will make both of you super excited. There will be many grand gestures of professing passion. And there will also be plenty of experimentation and trying new things. The feminine likes to play footsie, she likes to be open and vulnerable in bed, and she also has deep emotions. The masculine is a bit bashful, he really likes to be in control, and would rather place the spotlight on the feminine.

Cards: two of wands, knight of cups, and temperance.

What you’ll do together: You’ll do a lot of dreaming and fantasizing together, you’ll talk about future aspirations quite often, and you’ll help make each other’s wishes come true. While emotional stability is important for you two, you’ll also be very risky in your relationship and take a lot of chances, lots of leaping without looking. You may even drink a lot or party a lot together, which could possibly be an issue. When you’re out in groups or with other people, one partner could become very jealous and make a fuss about it. One or both of you could be extremely paranoid or defensive about cheating.

Cards: the star, four of cups reverse, three of cups reverse.

What this person is like: Your future partner is extremely honest. They may be too blunt for you, but the bonus is that you never have to worry about them lying. They prefer being open and truthful with you. However, they are someone who struggles to show affection, they may be overly sensitive or not sensitive enough at times. Their emotions tend to get the best of them, so sometimes they are hurtful. This is also someone who likes to commit to one single person — and in their work and daily life, one single task at a time. They’re very focused.

Cards: moon reverse, two of cups reverse, two of pentacles reverse.

The overall energy: The next relationship you enter is going to be very on-and-off. One moment it will be fun, the next moment you’re clinging too hard to one another, and the next moment someone withdraws and closes themselves off. There will be a lot of genuine love, but it’s going to be all over the place. Someone (or both of you) needs the other person so badly that they will close themselves off on purpose just to feel in control of the relationship. There will be times when you question if your partner is in love with you or on the verge of breaking up with you. And then there will be other times when you feel like you can’t function without this person, or this person can’t function with you. It goes from light, to heavy, to cold — all very conflicting energies. Lots of breakups and make-ups.

Cards: flirt, codependency, unrequited love

The chemistry: The feminine is going to make the masculine wait a really long time before sleeping together. Even once this has happened, there will be many long periods where she makes him wait before they sleep together again. The feminine will have a tendency to withdraw herself sexually, because she is upset or feeling emotionally unfulfilled. If the masculine does not provide constant emotional reassurance, she will go deep into withdraw and become extremely cold, and absolutely refuse any of his advances. Before making love, there will typically be a lot of suspense and a very long amount of foreplay. She uses this standoffish technique to remain in control, but once she finally gives it up, she surrenders 100% and becomes completely submissive.

Cards: queen of swords, the hanged man, eight of cups

What you’ll do together: This relationship will be full of lots of cycles — lots of breakups and make-ups. But you will also experience a lot of life cycles together — for example being there for your partner while they go through a significant life-change. Everything you do together will be very intense. There could be control issues, both of you dictating your life-choices for one another. Both of you will have a lot of control over the other. There’s very strong commitment. You’ll both enjoy displaying your affections for one another, even in public.

Cards: death, the emperor, the lovers

What this person is like: This is a super stubborn person who has difficulty compromising with other people. They like to be the boss of everyone. Sometimes they can be way too greedy and materialistic, and often overindulge themselves. This is someone who likes to have their cake and eat it too. Despite their gender, they could have very strong masculine energy. They have trouble making decisions because they see both sides of every story — so it could definitely help to have a partner who guides them.

Cards: three of pentacles reverse, king of pentacles reverse, two of swords

Overall energy: Your next relationship will be very happy and positive. You may currently already know this person, or you may get to know them as a friend first, before it moves forward. For many of you, this will certainly lead to marriage. This relationship will come to you when you are already at a good place in your life. That initial “honeymoon phase” you feel at the start is never going to fade, as long as you remain hopeful.

Cards: stay optimistic about your love life, this could be the one, honeymoon.

The chemistry: This relationship will be full of indulgence and lust. Whenever there is a fight, or issue, or hesitation, the love-making will seem to solve everything. There is a strong sense of comfort, like you two can fully relax with each other in bed, without holding back or keeping your guard up. You’ll both be very communicative about your passion for one another. The masculine is very fixated on the feminine’s chest area. The feminine really feels like she is able to let go.

Cards: nine of cups, the empress, knight of wands

What you’ll do together: There is a lot of spirituality within this relationship. You’ll be doing a lot of spiritual things together — so this could mean anything from praying together, or going to church together, or having deep discussions about the nature of reality, or educating each other about the esoteric, etc. I see camping trips or periods of withdrawing from the world in order to keep your spark going strong. It feels like you two are on a conjoined spirit quest together. Some of you could be earning money together, or in some kind of business together. There’s also something about carrying on past tradition, which can also mean many things — it could be like getting married in a formal church, or embracing gender roles, or bringing back on old family tradition. But you are going to take this past tradition and sort of twist it around and modernize it in your own unique way.

Cards: eight of cups, wheel of fortune, the hierophant.

What this person is like: This person has a lot of passion and a strong sense of justice. This is someone who has a tendency to lash out or act hot-and-cold. They are highly knowledgable and educated. Often they have trouble in groups or getting along with others, so in this relationship they will mainly want to stick with you. They can be somewhat indecisive and go back-and-forth about a lot of issues. Despite their gender, masculine energy.

Cards: king of wands reverse, justice, five of wands reverse.

Overall energy: Your next relationship is definitely with someone who you’ve been with in a past life. There is a deep sense of trust and knowing, like you have known this person for a very long time, before you even met. In this relationship, there won’t be any games or deception, because both of you will have enough faith in one another that you won’t have to ever resort to such a thing. However, for some of you, this will not last — for others, you will experience a long period of separation either before your relationship or during it. So there could be many things that get in the way before finally getting together, or there could be a temporary break-up in between, or there could be a long-distance situation that forces you to live apart for a while.

Cards: past-life relationship, trust, separation.

The chemistry: Passion stems from putting work and effort into your relationship, by taking the time to learn about your partner’s desires, by dedicating yourself to them over and over. There is a lot of newness here, willingness to open your mind to something different, and to practice over and over until you perfect it. There is no fear of judgment. Your passion together comes with a lot of waiting and taking it slow. Love-making is very sweet and gentle, and really focused on cuddling and kissing.

Cards: seven of pentacles, the fool, three of wands.

What you’ll do together: There may be a lot of fighting with each other, or struggling to communicate without lashing out or exploding. Another possibility is that your passion for each other will remain very private and something that you only keep between the two of you. You’ll communicate a lot with each other about your feelings, how something makes you feel. There could be many fights or hurtful words, but ultimately this is something you work through and learn from.

Cards: page of wands reverse, two of swords reverse, three of swords reverse.

What this person is like: This person is kind of a mess. At times they can be petty and argumentative. They struggle to feel like they are safe and secure, instead this is someone who feels very out of control, and that they never have enough. They tend to hold grudges. Also, they are extremely spiritual or religious. They have a strong sense of faith, and they are someone who surrenders to the universe and trusts that there is a higher plan.

Cards: five of swords, chariot reverse, five of pentacles.


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