Tarot Report: What does your person see in you?

Pick a card pile to determine what your person sees in you — how they see you, what they want from you, how you make them feel, and your future together. This will only apply if the person in mind has interest in you. Otherwise this can apply to a future partner or love interest.

Pick a card!

  • Pile 1 (yellow candle)
  • Pile 2 (orange candle)
  • Pile 3 (blue candle)
  • Pile 4 (green candle)

Scroll to reveal!

Pile #1 (yellow candle)

How they see you: This person sees you as anyone but a follower. They see you as someone who leads, makes up their own rules, and has their own followers. They see that there is something very different about you, and how you embrace your uniqueness instead of trying hard to fit in. Even more, they see that you’re a trendsetter, they see how the people around you become inspired to copy you — copy your looks, your behavior, your phrases, your style, etc. They notice how you will often isolate yourself from large crowds because you cannot easily relate to others, meanwhile others will try to become more like you in order to get your attention and approval of them.

Cards: transmission, rebellion, outsider.

What they want from you: Just like everyone else, this person wants to become changed by you. They are willing to break down the foundation of their lifelong belief system in order to understand yours. They really want to feel your intensity. This person wants to feel close to you and misses you. If you’re in a relationship together, this person feels like they don’t see enough of you — there could be physical distance, but I am getting more that this is about emotional distance, and that they struggle to break down your walls.

Cards: storm angel, violet angel, shallow grave.

How you make them feel: This person feels extreme and intense emotions with you, so much that it makes them very uncomfortable. They really feel like you two were together in past lives, or that your souls met before your physical bodies somehow. They feel these walls around you that they are trying to climb and get past. The love here is strong and they really do want to commit or find deeper commitment. However, they feel like they have to walk on eggshells around you because they fear that you’ll isolate them.

Cards: the tower reverse, the lovers, death reverse, the empress reverse.

What will most likely happen between you two? I definitely see you breaking down your walls for this person, eventually — it will just require a lot of work and dedication. If you’re not with this person right now, I’m getting a strong message that this is someone from your past. If you’re currently together, then I feel like there was some fight or misunderstanding that’s currently holding you back from each other, but all will be forgiven in time. There is definitely something about a second chance coming around. It looks like you two will have an emotional conversation soon, but in a non-direct way — so it could happen online or on the phone.

Cards: seven of wands reverse, judgement, page of cups, page of swords reverse, eight of pentacles, fool reverse.

Pile #2 (orange candle)

How they see you: This person sees you as someone who is very ambitious, adventurous, and happy. They see that you are someone who actively pursues their goals, rather than sits back and complains. This person thinks you are willing to take risks, especially on things that excite you and bring you passion. You are anything but boring to them. They see that for you, life is an adventure, and you are the controller rather than the observer. They see that happiness and self-fulfillment is your priority, and you will go great measures to find it.

Cards: burnt by the sun, the call of the night, ecstasy

What they want from you: This person wants to start over with you. Similar to pile #1, I’m also getting that this is someone from your past who you had a falling out with, or this could be a current partner who you have gone through a rough patch with. This person really wants to refresh your relationship and go back to the beginning, whether you are currently together or not. This person is also trying to have more dreams about you, or more spiritual experiences with you.

Cards: witch at the end of the world, angel de los muertos, ghosts of the past.

How you make them feel: You make this person feel very happy! You bring out the inner child in them and remind them of their younger days. They also feel a super spiritual connection with you, something out-of-this-world. You make them more interested in the spiritual world. Because of you, they are more interested in reading/studying religious texts, or praying, or meditating, or going to church, etc, whatever makes them feel more spiritual. At times though, they worry about you judging them or keeping secrets from you.

Cards: the sun, temperance reverse, judgement reverse, the high priestess.

What will most likely happen between you two? This relationship has really strong potential, but things seem to move painfully slow, sometimes it seems like things are moving backwards. There could be a second masculine energy getting in the way, or a general overload of toxic masculinity. There is a feminine energy struggling with her emotions, a masculine using mind games and causing confusion, and another masculine becoming aggressively dominant and hot-headed. But still, there is so much emotional fulfillment here and great potential for a happy ending.

Cards: ace of pentacles reverse, queen of cups reverse, eight of wands reverse, ten of cups, king of swords reverse, king of wands reverse.

Pile #3 (blue candle)

How they see you: This person sees you as someone who is beyond the physical world, transcending into the spiritual realm. They feel like you have a lot of wisdom, a strong and intelligent mind, something that is rare in most. They see how you think out of the box, how your perspective is completely different than anyone else’s. However, they also believe that you have a lot of pressure coming from family or friends to be someone you are not, to fit in with societal norms and traditional expectations. They see that this pressure weighs you down and prevents you from reaching your potential.

Cards: supernatural, immortal, enlightenment

What they want from you: This person knows that in order to be together, or deepen your relationship, that you have to clear through this enormous blockage that is keeping you two apart. I feel that this blockage relates directly to pressure from family, friends, and society to be someone you are not. This person sees you have good advice to give, but that you struggle to take their own advice — they really want to see that, they want to see you follow your own guidance without the opposition of anyone else’s opinions. They want you to shift your energy from boredom to freedom.

Card: violet duchess, sea beacon fairy, angel of alchemy

How you make them feel: You make this person feel spoiled and fulfilled. They are strongly committed to you and have control over you, yet at the same time you also make them feel fun and free. They see both a beginning and ending with you, a never-ending circle of love. It’s like their life never truly began before meeting with you, and will end if they ever part ways with you. They basically feel like they have “it all” with you, “the whole package” — because there’s seriousness and playfulness at the same time!

Cards” the hierophant, the world, the fool, the emperor

What will most likely happen between you two? Honestly, there is a difficult road ahead. If this is a partnership, then there may be a breakup or extended period of isolation coming. But for many of you, I see the two of you ending up together and lasting, but cutting ties with someone else or groups of other people. Some of you may choose to cut ties with a former friend, friend-group, family member(s), etc. who disapprove of your relationship. I see you being cornered into an ultimatum — forced to decide between this relationship verses friends/family/society/etc. It’s your own choice, but you’re going to feel like this is beyond your control at the same time.

Cards: eight of swords reverse, three of wands reverse, three of pentacles reverse, four of cups, three of swords, emperor reverse.

Pile #4

How they see you: This person sees you as someone who has a very obsessive personality, they may even believe that you are obsessed with them. They believe you are prone to impulsiveness and physical cravings. They also see you as someone with a youthful spirit, high energy, and fresh optimism. They may believe you to be a bit naive, but also very hopeful in a charming way. And they see that you are connected to nature and your wildness — someone who likes to be outside, to get sweaty and dirty, to have physical exercise, also an interest in herbs and plants. They see that you can’t sit still for too long. To them, you are someone who likes to go crazy and have fun.

Cards: thirst, eternal youth, maenad

What they want from you: It looks like this person is hoping that you will lean into more of your mature side. It’s not that they don’t appreciate your youthfulness, but that they prefer you act with more wisdom than impulsivity. They want you to muster more braveness, to do what is right rather than what is easy. And they want you to believe in yourself more. They also have many great memories with you and are hoping to relive them somehow.

Cards: lady with.a Bosch egg, fairy of the highlands, dried-flower fairy

How you make them feel: This person feels completely out of control around you. It’s like your wild spirit sucks them into a vortex and they can’t even think straight. But they also feel like they have the power to tame you, and when they receive commitment/obedience from you, it makes them feel super strong and accomplished. Also this person feels very open, honest, and vulnerable with you — like they can tell you all their true emotions and feelings.

Cards: magician reverse, moon reverse, chariot reverse, strength

What will most likely happen between you two? There’s a lot more out-of-control energy coming in, there will be some petty games or arguments, there will be a lot of struggle and hopelessness. Eventually, you will both reach a point where you surrender to the universe and basically let God control where this relationship will go. There will be a lot of physical distance between you two, but emotionally, you will feel connected.

Cards: five of swords, star reverse, hanged man, moon reverse, five of pentacles, chariot reverse.


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