April = #4 — Rules & restructure

April, being the 4th month, is represented as the number 4.

This month is all about rules and restructure. The number four seeks security and balance. It places focus on the foundation of your belief system.

In some ways, this number can seem boring and stiff, but in other ways it can be incredibly chaotic. It does not mean that there are no risks taken in April, but that any risk you take will be based on your need for security and comfort. This month exposes the subconscious rules you carry deep inside that affect your day-to-day choices and actions.

Last year, 2020 was the universal year of 4. A pandemic shook up the basic foundation of our daily lives. Imposed restrictions shed light on how much we take for granted. New rules were set, and we all adjusted to a brand new structure. And so, 4 can be a shocking number, but ultimately carries the intention of safety.

April is a month of tested patience. You may decide that you no longer want to wait for something anymore, you can’t stand it. You may also face many blockages that force you to wait, whether you want to or not. Whenever 4’s energy is present, it is always best to step back and pause — yet most people will not do this, struggling with the challenge of letting go.

April can be both beautiful and ugly, depending on how much you have been taking things for granted. You may find the universe taking things away from you, setting limits, and forcing you to have more discipline. It can be a harsh wakeup call for some; it can be a breath of fresh air for others. It directly correlates to your mindset — do you expect things to come to you, or are you more humble than that? The positive aspect is that you can realize how lucky you are — you can feel grateful for everything rather than arrogantly think you deserve more.

The number 4 carries motherly energy. Throughout April, you may feel like the universe is your mother — she gives you tough love because she cares about you. Maybe she worries about you a little too much, but she grounds you and punishes you for bad behavior out of hopes that you improve yourself. The setbacks you face in April are not the result of negative karma, rather, a divine intervention designed to heal and guide you.

Alongside, the number 4 relates to your home life. You may find yourself staying in more — or perhaps moving homes, revamping and decorating your home, or doing some deep cleaning. April is the perfect time to do any of these things. There may be changes in your home life, or simply an overall focus on your home.

April is also a very fertile month. If you are looking to conceive, this is an ideal time to try. Unexpected pregnancies are especially common right now. If you’re single, you’ll probably find yourself extra eager to get busy with someone. Remember, as 4 tests your patience, please be careful and think things through, moreso than usual.

Your best advice for getting through this month is to be patient, prepare yourself for upcoming change, and be humbly grateful for all you have. Practice “grounding” techniques every day.


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