Horoscope: April 2021

Welcome to your personal horoscope for April 2021! The general overview discusses how this month will be for everyone, while the zodiac signs show what specifically applies to you. Check your sun, moon, and rising signs, or whatever sign is most prominent in your chart. For strictly love matters, check your Venus.

General overview

With Mars transiting into Aries on the 3rd of April, communication takes the front seat. Everyone is fighting to have their voice heard, but we’re all speaking about different things. The new moon in Aries on the 11th marks the start of a brand new cycle — most especially for Aries — but for everyone included! As Aries season has already begun, the new moon places even more attention on taking those first steps towards a brand new you.

On the 14th, Venus transits into Taurus. As Taurus is the sign of Venus, this placement is especially beneficial and harmonious for everyone. Pleasure and indulgence will be on your mind at this time. You’ll feel inspired to spoil your partner — or your friends and family, or yourself! You’re feeling comfortable with your looks at this time, and you’re also seeing the best in everyone.

The 19th marks the beginning of Taurus season. On the same day, Mercury also travels to Taurus. Now we’ve got Venus, the sun, and Mercury, all in the sign of Taurus! If you have this sign in any of your prominent placements, the end of April will be smooth-sailing. This sign can bring stubborn and lazy energy, but it also comes with feel-good and joking-around energy. Maybe doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting to see different results, indeed leads to insanity — but who says that has to be such a bad thing? Perhaps some craziness is exactly what you need in life.

Mars entering Cancer on the 23rd could lead to conflict around this time — especially with a maternal figure. Mars in Cancer makes us feel extra sensitive and defensive when it comes to our emotions, and we are likely to act out in passive-aggressive ways. You can best cope with this energy by turning anger into passion, by working hard towards things that make you emotionally fulfilled, despite what others might think.

On the 27th, there’s a full moon in Scorpio. The “loner” energy of Scorpio can have difficulty merging with the “social” energy of the full moon — most signs will benefit by spending this day one-one-one with a loved one, or socializing from a distance, such as staying in while you video-chat with friends. Also on this day, Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn. Pluto retrograde forces all of us to confront the dark side of ourselves, the aspects of your subconscious that prevents beneficial transformation.


Aries, April begins smoothly for you with Mercury entering your first house. Communication comes easy, as expressing yourself feels like second-nature. The new moon happening on the 11th falls in Aries — your own sign — indicating huge, major changes coming your way. Brace yourself for important new beginnings. Mid-month, Venus enters your 2nd house. This indicates that you could be treating yourself to some indulgent gifts, or possibly even a lover tries to woo you over with some presents.

On the 19th, begins Taurus season. Now that your own season of Aries is over, it’s time to shift the focus from yourself to what you have. You may find yourself thinking a bit more materialistically at this time, letting yourself indulge in some fatty foods and extra shopping trips. As long as you don’t overdo it too much, it’s perfectly fine to treat yourself! Also on this day, Mercury transits to your second house, which makes it easier for you to ask for help when necessary.

Towards the end of April, Mars travels to your 4th house, possibly indicating conflict with roommates or family you live with. On the other hand, you could be feeling inspired to put more work into your place of residence — decorate more, clean more, etc. This is the perfect time for an at-home workout.

The 27th brings a full moon in Scorpio, emphasizing mystery and seclusion. This lights up your 8th house — this is an ideal day for making investments if you want the best gain. Your catchphrase on the 27th should be “it takes money to make money” — everything you put out there today (or even around this day) will come right back with full force! Also on this day, Pluto retrogrades in your 10th house, which forces you to confront personal fears related to your job, career, and success.

Summary: April is a brand new beginning for you. The first half places great focus on yourself and brings deep harmony. Spend the first two weeks doing whatever makes you happy! The second half is more focused on your resources — you could feel eager to spend more money, or if you’re lucky, you’ll be receiving many gifts. The end of April may bring conflict with family or roommates — on the other hand, it could indicate inspiration to put more work into your home-life such as making the place look nicer, doing at-home workouts, or cooking more. The last few days are ideal for making business investments, while simultaneously confront your fears of succeeding.


Taurus, April stars off with Mercury headed towards your 12th house. Others could come to you for some wise advice at this time, you’d be smart to share this intuitive spark with those who really need it. On the 11th, is a new moon in Aries, drawing more attention to your 12th house. This represents a significant ending in your life: leaving a job or home, saying goodbye to friends or family, or letting go of old patterns of thoughts and behavior that no longer serve you.

On the 14th, Venus enters your first house — it’s time for some self-love. Use this energy to remind yourself why you’re so special — take a day off around mid-month to have a spa day or therapeutic session. During the next few weeks, you’ll find it easier to get along with others, and realize how much you can relate to strangers.

The 19th strikes official opening of Taurus season — yes, that’s you! Bask in this sunshiny-energy for the next four weeks. Let the world feel like it revolves around you — without being too selfish, of course. Also on this day, Mercury joins the sun in your 1st house. This is the ultimate day for having an important conversation with someone about your needs.

As the month wraps up, and Mars comes into third house, be careful with your words and avoid getting into a heated argument — some things can’t be unsaid after they’ve come out! The best way to harness this potential is by communicating your passions. If you’re the leader of a charitable cause, the 3rd week of this month is the best day to give a speech or online presentation about how important this matter is — everyone is sure to be receptive.

The full moon in Scorpio takes place on the 27th, falling in your 7th house. Instead of hanging out with friends, it would be far more beneficial to keep to yourself on this day — meditate, journal, and explore that inner mind of yours. A deep revelation is sure to follow. And if you’re married or in a deep relationship, use this time to focus on your partner rather than the crowd. Alongside, Pluto goes retrograde in your 9th house, more validation that travel plans will be cancelled or delayed, and you should stay home at this time.

Summary: This month, you’re closing an important chapter of your life. Take advantage of this sudden burst of wisdom — especially as others seem to be gravitating towards you for advice. Once the third week of April comes around, it’s all about YOU! Treat yo-self! Energy levels and positive attitude increases naturally. Be careful towards the very end of April — some of you will have a passionate discussion with someone, while others will get into a heated debate — depending on your mindset. Alongside, expect cancelled plans or travel days at this time. Use the end of April to ditch the crowd and spend some quality time with yourself or with your sweetie.


Gemini, the beginning of April presents Mercury lighting up your 11th house of friendship, boosting your social life. Friends will be drawn to you like moths to flame. Also joining your 11th house, is the new moon, after the first week of April. This means that a new friend will enter your life, or you’ll receive the chance to refresh a friendship with someone you have been drifting apart with for a while.

Mid-month, Venus enters your 12th house, inspiring you to seek something much deeper in your relationships. Casual meet-ups and texting just won’t do it for you any more — you’re looking for deep talks, sharing secrets, and feeling that past-life telepathic connection — whether it’s with friends or a romantic partner. If you’re looking for closure with an old partner, this may be the time you find it.

On the 19th, both the sun and Mercury travel to your 12th house. As Taurus season begins, you’re feeling a sense of everything “wrapping up” in your life — you’ll be a bit more lethargic and introspective these next four weeks. You’ll be quieter, and conversation will be directed towards past events.

By the third week, Mars reaches your 2nd house. You’ll be feeling extra eager to make more money or buy more stuff. You could become super possessive and territorial over your things, even your friends or lover. The 27th marks a full moon in Scorpio, hitting your 6th house — pay attention to your health this day, as any underlining issues you’ve been experiencing are sure to present themselves. Do a wellness routine — such as a workout session, therapy session, or cooking a nutritious meal.

Also on the 27th, Pluto retrogrades in your 8th house, revealing a possible setback with money, or a sense of feeling “stuck” at your job. Rather than focusing on material loss, harness this energy by doing some esoteric research, or practicing the dark arts. Pull out those tarot cards, or watch a murder mystery doc, or do some ghost hunting! The spiritual world is calling you!

Summary: The first part of April revolves around friendship — a new friend, forgiveness of an old friend, or an overall social time for you. The second half is much more quiet and calm. You’ll be feeling a serious shift in your mindset, greater concern for depth and wisdom. The third week could bring conflict over people or items you’re feeling possessive over, or it could be that you’re feeling more tempted to buy things. Also at this time, health becomes your priority. At the very end of April, you could experience some financial setback or disappointment at work. Your advice is to not focus so hard on materialism, rather, embrace yourself in the spiritual world and esoteric arts.


Cancer, coming into April, Mercury places focus on your 10th house. Be careful about what you say — because everyone is listening — especially if you’re at work. If you’ve been lacking attention or proper recognition at your job, speaking up at this time will bring great rewards. The new moon also falls in your 10th house, and people will be rethinking their original perception of you — it seems you can’t hide to the world how much you have changed.

Mid-month, Venus transits to your 11th house. You could find your friendships become far more intimate, or that you grow interest in someone who used to be seen as “just a friend.” Both the sun and Mercury also join your 11th house by the 19th, meaning that friendship will become an important part of your life. Expect your plans to be full of social gatherings, or your text inbox full.

On the 23rd, Mars enters your own sign of Cancer. This brings a passionate burst and an increase in energy. As other signs may experience more conflict at this time, you can sit back and relax, rest assured that the drama will not hit you as hard. Instead, you’ll be far too occupied on goals and accomplishments while the people around you are getting overly involved in one another’s business.

The 27th brings a full moon in Scorpio, lighting up your 5th house. This could serve to be a very exciting, free-spirited, and playful day — as long as you keep an open mind and accept changes. Also on this day, Pluto retrogrades in your 7th house — bringing out the “dark side” in you — instead of hiding from your demons, you should befriend them and seek to understand them.

Summary: In the beginning of April, you’ve got everyone’s attention — they’re watching you, listening to you, and thinking about you. People are noticing how much you have changed recently. Mid-month brings a deeper and more intimate relationship with your friends, perhaps you’re beginning to see a friend as something more than that. Third week brings you an energy boost, and while it seems like everyone around you is freaking out, you should be happily drama-free. You end the month on a playful note — you’ll notice you’re demons coming out, but they’re not here to harm you, they just want to play.


Leo, Mercury transits to your 9th house at the start of April. You could find yourself seeking higher education and studies, or eager to educate others. Another possibility is that you could be putting together important travel plans for the near future. The new moon also enters your 9th house, making you feel restless to go new places and experience new things.

Mid-month, Venus lights up your 10th house. People will be very attracted to your reputation, the way you present yourself, in these coming weeks. There could also be some workplace romance, or you may find costumers or “fans,” maybe even your boss, flirting with you. Relationships with co-workers are harmonious. You may be offered longer breaks, special gifts, or excessive praise from management.

With Taurus season beginning on the 19th, we have both the sun and Mercury residing in your 10th house. Attention continues to be placed on your work-life. You could be giving more presentations, having more meetings, or simply having more banter at your job. You’re also thinking hard about the way you present yourself to others. It seems that everyone is watching you during the second half of April, and also listening closely to what you’re saying.

Mars travels to your 12th house by the third week, leading to more exhaustion and a lack of energy. Do not push yourself too hard at this time, let yourself rest whenever you can. The 27th sparks a full moon in Scorpio, your 4th house, placing major emphasis on your home life. There could be a family gathering at this time, or lots of action going on in your place of residence — making it difficult for you to get that rest you need.

Also on this day, Pluto retrogrades in your 6th house, indicating possible setbacks regarding your health. Avoid making sudden changes in your diet or wellness routine. Instead of worrying about physical health, use this energy to focus on mental and spiritual health — confront those subconscious beliefs that prevent you from reaching your potential.

Summary: The start of the month brings newness — a new place you travel to, or a new concept you learn about. Whatever it is, you’ll be feeling adventurous. Mid-month mixes work and pleasure — this could be a work romance, or getting along well with co-workers, or earning money in a way that makes you feel good. Work continues to be a focus for you as April progresses, with more collaboration and teamwork than usual. By the end of April, you’ll be feeling super exhausted — however a family gathering or commotion at your residence could disrupt your rest. Pay attention to your health at this time, specifically your mental and spiritual health.


Virgo, you’re walking into April with Mercury lighting up your 8th house. Conversations are about to get deep — no more small talk — you’re here to talk money, mysteries, and maybe even sexuality. A week later, here comes a new moon, also in your 8th house. This is the best time to make a change that you’re hoping to stick with for good. You could also find out some scandalous information on this day.

Mid-month, Venus travels to your 9th house. You could be taking a vacation with a loved one in these upcoming weeks. If you’re hoping to speed things up along with a partner, trying adding some “newness” into the relationship, such as a trip in a new area, or a different activity or date together outside of typical routine.

By the third week, the sun and Mercury also reach your 9th house, placing more emphasis on travel and novelty. Expect to learn many new things, to have a lot of intellectual discussions with others. On the 23rd, Mars hits your 11th house. This is a warning sign of disagreements and arguments with close friends, but you can transform this energy into something more constructive by suggesting physical activities within your social circle — a group workout session, a team sport, or a long hike through the woods.

The 27th presents a full moon in Scorpio, lighting up your 3rd moon. This will serve to be a very social time for you. Also on the day, Pluto goes retrograde in your 5th house, which will bring you a deep inner transformation within your subconscious. Past childhood traumas are coming to the surface for healing.

Summary: The start of April brings heavy change, as well as deep interest in all things mysterious. There could be some scandalous information that comes up. Mid-month sparks newness and adventure in your love life. It’s a great time to travel with friends, date someone new, or try a new activity with your partner. You’re feeling focused and determined within your relationships. The third week brings potential for conflict within your friend group — combat this negative energy by suggesting a joint workout session, a long hike through the woods, or anyone else that gets your heart pumping. April ends on a very social note. Alongside, childhood traumas are coming through for healing.


Libra, April starts off with Mercury in your 7th house, meaning you will be feeling quieter and more withdrawn in social situations. Rather, you’d prefer to hide in a corner with a good self-help book. The 11th brings a new moon, also in your 7th house, provoking deep spiritual revelation. For those of you who are committed, expect a deep conversation that revamps or changes your relationship.

Mid-month presents Venus in your 8th house. Love matters will grow in intensity. This will serve as a prosperous time for those who do sex work, or have a match-making service, or something that involves the mix of business and pleasure. Regardless, whatever you do to bring in money, will feel more pleasurable. There’s also the sun and Mercury joining your 8th house, a few days following. There’s great weight to your words and the way you speak at this time. Major transformation is headed your way.

On the 23rd, Mars lights up your 10th house. You’ll be feeling more passionate and energized at work, so take advantage of any tasks you’ve been behind on. Keep your mind on the money and avoid co-worker drama at all cost! A co-worker, boss, or costumer may push your buttons, but you can keep your cool by remaining focused on staying busy.

On the 27th, a full moon in Scorpio puts the spotlight on your 2nd house. On this day, you’re likely to receive a huge gift or bonus paycheck. Looks like all that extra energy you began putting into work the prior week has already paid off! Also, Pluto retrogrades in your 4th house, allowing you to reflect deeply upon what you need in order to feel secure about yourself.

Summary: April starts out on a quiet note; singles are focused on themselves, while committed folks are focused on their partnership. An important conversation shakes up your relationship. By mid-month, there will be deep transformation between you and your lover or a close friend. Whatever you do to bring in money will feel far more pleasurable than usual. Third week brings potential conflict at your job — but if you stay focused on getting your work done, catching up on tasks, and making that money — rather than engaging in drama, you’ll prosper. Your efforts will be rewarded at the end of April with a bonus paycheck or gift.


Scorpio, stepping into April, you’re dealing with Mercury in your 6th house. You’re trying to learn more about health and wellness, maybe sharpening those cooking those cooking skills, or reading a book about herbal medicine, or taking a class on reiki healing. In your social circle, conversations related to health matters excite you. You also have a new moon in your 6th house, indicating a major change in your health and fitness routine.

By the 14th, Venus enters your 7th house, giving your relationships a spiritual glow. You’re feeling more comfortable with one-on-one hangouts, as opposed to big parties, for the next few weeks. This is an ideal placement for weddings, engagement, and marriage — it could be the start of a deep commitment, or a harmonious time for those who have been married for a while. When it comes to your partner, you’re looking for something serious.

A few days later, the sun and Mercury also unite with Venus in your 7th house. Communication with your partner is joyous and constructive, alongside, you’re feeling extraordinarily spiritual. Mars lights up your 9th house on the 23rd, making you eager to travel, learn, or do something crazy! Harness this time to move forward in your career by receiving more education or making changes within your job.

Wrapping up the month, a full moon in your own sign of Scorpio draws attention to yourself — your deep emotions and inner needs. This is a super lucky and harmonious day for you! Also happening at the same time, is Pluto retrograding in your 3rd house — conversations with others will bring deep revelation, or someone will tell you a secret.

Summary: April starts off with a focus on health and wellness — learning about and practicing new diet or exercise plans. Mid-month, you’re focused on deep commitment. Some of you are on your way towards marriage, or experiencing greater harmony in your partnership. There will be a very serious, possibly even spiritual, conversation with your love interest. By the third week, you’re anxious to try something new, to do something crazy! You could make very far strides in your career if you harness this passionate energy towards work. The end of the month will be lucky and harmonious for you, including a deep conversation with someone, or secrets revealed.


Sag, you begin April with Mercury hitting your 5th house, making conversations playful and witty. Don’t be surprised to find yourself feeling very connected to a child or children you speak with. A week later, the new moon also falls under your 5th house. Some of you may experience change in relationships with the children in your life, or a new baby in the family, or a vivid flashback to precious childhood memories.

Venus travels to your 6th house by mid-month, implying pleasure in your health routine. Stressed out Sag’s will find themselves binging on junk food, but health-conscious Sag’s will be brainstorming ways to indulge themselves in far more beneficial ways — hot baths, face masks, CBD cream, etc. Improve your fitness by doing workouts that make you feel genuinely sexy — like dancing. If you regularly attend a gym, you could definitely meet a cute new workout partner.

Also joining your 6th house, is the sun and Mercury, near the end of April. Your health should be prosperous these next few weeks, and if you haven’t been taking care of yourself, the time to act on these issues is now. Talking to friends about their wellness routine and nutrition opinions will excite you.

Concluding the month, is a full moon in Scorpio, lighting up your 12th house. Spend this day focused on who — and what — you need to let go of and forgive. Pluto goes retrograde in your 2nd house, forcing you to question your relationship between the material verses spiritual worlds.

Summary: The start of April is fun and light-hearted, with a focus on children in your life, or perhaps your own inner-child. Some of you have a new baby entering the family. Mid-month, health mixes with pleasure, as you find ways to indulge yourself in therapeutic ways. Have a spa day and do workouts that make you feel good — taking care of yourself shouldn’t have to be such a chore. You’ll also find yourself communicating to others about health matters more than usual. The end of the month is a time of forgiveness and letting go.


Cap, you’re coming into this month with Mercury lighting up your 4th house. You could be speaking more with family at this time, possible a maternal figure. Communication is focused on your needs to feel stable and secure. On the 11th, a new moon also places attention to your 4th house. Some of you are experiencing changes within your family, or a new home, or many changes taking place in your home.

Mid-month presents Venus traveling to your 5th house. Children play an important role in your life at this time — and perhaps some of you are thinking about the desire to conceive. Love matters are playful and light-hearted — don’t be afraid to be silly with your partner or love interest. You’ve also got the sun and Mercury entering your 5th house at this time, amplifying this free-spirited energy.

On the 23rd, Mars hits your 7th house. For those of you married or deeply committed, there could be an argument or heavy disturbance within your relationship. You’re going to feel more competitive and possessive over them. Make the best of this energy by suggesting more physical activities with your honey — whether that’s going to bed together or playing a game of basketball.

The 27th brings a full moon in Scorpio — your 11th house. This is the perfect day for friendship. Make plans to do something fun with your buddies, and you’ll be sure to have a great time. There may be an old friend in your life who is seeking forgiveness. You’ve also got Pluto retrograding in your own sign of Capricorn — time to get in touch with your dark side!

Summary: April begins with a focus on home life and family, especially a maternal figure. You could be moving into a new home, making significant changes in your home, or experiencing significant change within your family. Mid-month places a lighthearted lens on your relationships — don’t be afraid to act silly with your love interest. For those of you who are committed, the third week brings conflict and disruption with your partner. You can make the best of this energy by engaging in physical activity with one another — some friendly competition. The end of your month will be very social for you, full of friendship. You will also have a deep, internal revelation.


Aquarius, April begins for you with Mercury in your 3rd house. Communication has never been better! You’re saying what you need to say, people are understanding your messages, you’re hearing others clearly without any confusion, and there’s absolutely no room for misunderstandings! In the second week, a new moon also lights up your 3rd house — expect to learn something new. Don’t be surprised if a friend comes to you with a secret of theirs, because your empathy is on point right now!

On the 14th, Venus travels to your 4th house. Some of you are moving in with a loved one, or changing homes with your partner. Another possibility is that you’re feeling more comfortable in your home-space — baking desserts, watching your favorite shows, and sipping on hot tea (or wine/beer.)

A couple days later, the sun and Mercury come along, also entering your 4th house. Your family and home life take the front row in your life. Stability and structure is vital to your well-being at this time. You could be talking to family more than usual, especially a maternal figure. Also, you may be teaching yourself a new skill or hobbies in the comfort of your own residence.

By the third week, Mars hits your 6th house, encouraging you to work harder on your health goals. You can avoid drama and conflict at this time by focusing solely on your diet and fitness routine. When someone makes you angry, resist yelling and screaming — instead, sweat it out!

April concludes with a new moon in Scorpio — drawing attention to your 10th house. Expect to receive a lot of attention on this day, especially at your workplace! Alongside, Pluto retrogrades in your 12th house — possibly the return of someone you thought was gone for good, or this could be a huge spark of wisdom hitting you hard.

Summary: The first half of the month is harmonious for communication — you will find it easy to speak your thoughts, be fully understood, and fully understand others. A friend could come to you with a secret, or you’ll learn new and exciting information. Mid-month mixes pleasure with your home life. You could be moving in with a sweetie or inviting them over often, and singles will find themselves cozying up with good TV, delicious homemade meals, and soothing tea (or wine.) Towards the end of April, avoid conflict by sweating it out with an intense workout. Alongside, you’re receiving special recognition, most likely at your workplace.


Pisces, stepping into April, you’ve got Mercury in your 2nd house. The first half of the month brings the strong possibility of purchases related to educating yourself or self-improvement. On the 11th, there’s a new moon happening in your 2nd house. You could receive a gift on this day, but more likely a promise of commitment, or the start of a project that will eventually lead to long-lasting results.

Mid-month, Venus lights up your 3rd house, sparking communication between you and your loved one. There will be an important conversation between you and your love interest or close friend. Disagreements and misunderstandings are highly unlikely for you these next few weeks.

Also mid-month, the sun and Mercury join Venus in your 3rd house. Communication is super on-point — everything you say will be understood, and everything you hear will make sense. Take advantage of this energy by expressing what’s on your mind, especially to your love interest, and they are sure to be receptive. The next few weeks should serve to be highly peaceful for you — just what a Pisces needs.

On the 23rd, Mars hits your 5th house. This is a great time for “play-fighting” — teasing your partner in a charming way, using sarcastic humor, giving them a gentle shove. Conflict you experience during this time will ironically serve to be amusing, because you’re not taking the drama as seriously as everyone else.

April ends with a full moon in Scorpio — your 9th house — on the 27th. This is the perfect day to take a spur-of-the-moment trip to somewhere new. It’s also a wondrous day to dabble in the esoteric arts, educate yourself about astrology or tarot. Finally, Pluto is retrograding in your 11th house — showing you “the dark side” of your friends, and aspects of their personalities they attempt to keep hidden.

Summary: April starts off with a focus on resources and what you have. Mid-month brings an important conversation with your loved one — communication within your partnership, friendships, and basically everyone you know is peaceful and harmonious at this time. The third week transforms aggression into playfulness — harmless teasing, sarcastic humor, and gentle shoves. There could be some serious drama happening around you at this time, but you’re laughing it off, because you don’t take it seriously. The end of the month is perfect for an impulsive road trip with friends — go somewhere mysterious, like an abandoned or haunted area.


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