May = #5 — Freedom & change

May, being the fifth month of the year, is represented by the number “5.”

The universal number for 2021 is 5, and now we are entering the month of 5 — thus, this will serve to be the most intense and significant month of the year. Most specifically, the 5th of May could possibly be the most important day of all.

This month is all about freedom and change. Now that we have made it through April, and our patience has been truly tested, the month of May should bring some sense of relief, even if it’s only temporary. The most straight-forward way to put it, is that things are about to change for you. If you’ve been stuck in an old pattern for a while, been stuck on the same person and things seem to go nowhere, been stuck in a toxic environment that no longer serves you, etc. that’s all about to change. It is quite common for the majority to experience a breakup, change in home, new job, or some other life-change this time of year.

The number “5” can be incredibly scary for those who are close-minded. Change, being full of so many unknowns, can be a frightening thing to deal with. So the best way to deal with this energy, is by opening up your mind and having faith. Let go of control issues and heavy responsibilities. The universe has other plans for you — don’t waste your breath trying to intervene. Just go with it.

This energy can be super fun — if you allow yourself to accept it. You may find your curiosities heightening. You could definitely take a lot of risks this month and find yourself doing things you thought you’d never do. It can be super exciting.

Hopefully, you learned some hard lessons throughout the month of April, that specifically prepared you for this moment. You were guided to take a closer look at your values and priorities in life, situations and people that you needed to move on from, in order to accept moving forward into bigger and better blessings. April tends to be a more difficult month because it genuinely tests our patience — like clawing onto an object that was slowly moving away from you, using all your force to fight this resistance. But now, there’s no more fight left, as this imaginary object is gone. And now, there’s a brand new freedom.

It’s only human nature to cling to what’s comfortable. But what April has taught us, is that there is certainly such thing as “too comfortable.” Ironically, staying in your comfort zone for too long is what leads to discomfort, as you lose your patience and become restless for something new. Likewise, May can be just as difficult for those who are not ready for change. But again, if you quit resisting, then this month will provide the exact shake-up that your life seriously needs.

Overall, this month will be anything but boring or predictable. Brace yourself for a new path. Open up and let go. Get in touch with your inner child and intuitive creativity. Let yourself wonder and ask questions. Explore and have a great adventure.


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