Horoscope for May 2021

Qualities of the Gemini zodiac play a major part in the month of May. Mercury travels to Gemini during the first week, and then Venus joins along the second week, followed by the sun on the 20th. Gemini energy is dualistic, like two sides of the same coin. Through this, it gives power to observe situations from a logical and rational perspective, rather than becoming overly absorbed in one single emotion. Gemini has problem-solving vibes through out-of-the-box thinking. Those with Gemini prominently in their charts can be depicted as strange or off-beat at times, simply because of their ability to think in multiple ways at once. On the downside, Gemini energy can be mistaken as shallow or superficial, because it never gets too deep — it’s scattered, unfocused, and noncommittal. Nevertheless, Gemini energy stimulates creativity and vast intellect.

Mercury’s transit into the sign of Gemini on the 3rd is an extremely harmonious aspect, meaning that conversations will be positive and breezy. However, beware of gossip, as you are likely to hear a lot of information about others. Don’t be surprised if you learn a lot about someone’s business and then find yourself tempted to spread it along. Rather than indulge in this, you’d be better off channeling this energy towards problem-solving and brainstorming. This is the perfect time to toss around ideas with others about how to fix any problems you’ve been dealing with.

On the 8th, Venus also meets with Gemini. This combination may have a bad reputation, but it can be a good thing in some ways. In romance, it can make your connection feel less intimate and emotional — instead, more rational and light-hearted. On the downside, you may lose passion for your partner or wonder if they have multiple options besides you. However, the positive aspect, is that you can use this energy to help resolve any disputes you’ve been having with your partner. It will be easier to communicate with one another on a practical manner. If your relationship has been heavy and dramatic, things are about to feel much lighter and more playful.

The 13th brings a stroke of great luck with Jupiter entering Pisces. This is a wonderful time for forgiveness and empathy. Your dreams — as in those deep, inner desires — will be of importance and possibly quite close to coming true. Saturn retrogrades Aquarius on the 23rd, causing a schlump — you may become hopeless about the future, or disconnect with several friends, or pull away from your community. The full moon in Sagittarius happens on the 26th, sparking a sense of adventure — you could be traveling somewhere, trying something new, or meeting new people. Finally, on the 29th, Mercury turns retrograde — indicating a possible reconnection with an old friend. Warning signs include the spread of misinformation, rumors, or lying. Be sure to fact-check everything you hear, and avoid making any major decisions from the 29th through the next couple weeks of June. Rather, use this time to reflect upon what the right thing to do is.


Aries, this month places major emphasis on your 3rd house of communication. Expect to have many important conversations by the start of May, especially with a loved one. As an Aries, you have a highly competitive streak and always strive to be #1 — so let yourself lead, when it comes to relaying vital messages. When you open your mouth, all ears will perk up and listen — not only that, but people will genuinely understand what you’re trying to say.

Whether single or coupled up, this will not be a lonely month for you. There is so much social activity going on. If you’ve been single for a while, this is the best time to put yourself out there and shoot your shot. You might not win with everyone, but you are sure to succeed with more than one person. So, lay out your options. As someone who is constantly competing against yourself, it’s about time you let others compete for your love.

Mid-month, your dreams are crying out for your attention as Jupiter travels to your 12th house. Those of you who have been suppressing your inner desires will have a difficult time ignoring them by this point. And why fight it any longer? With this harmonious placement, it’s highly likely for a special dream of yours to finally come true — something you believed was far out of reach for too long. Saturn’s retrograde takes place in your 11th house, indicating the return of old friends. Especially, if it took you a lot of discipline to part ways with this person, you’re going to find yourself seriously tempted to reconnect again.

The full moon on the 26th highlights your 9th house, serving to be a rather intense day for you. Many of you are traveling, exploring, or trying something new around this time. Your sense of adventure will be heightened. Coupled up with Saturn’s retrograde, it’s extremely likely that you’ll end the month doing something super risky and borderline careless. And finally, beware of the infamous Mercury retrograde beginning on the 29th — however, with this planet residing in your 3rd house, this retrograde should not be nearly as much of a struggle as it will be for the other zodiac signs.


Taurus, this month highlights your 2nd house of resources. As a Taurus, you naturally tend to prioritize comfort and luxury — so during May, you’ll be feeling very “in-your-element.” On top of that, Taurus season continues until the 20th, so enjoy this energy while you still can! Conversations you have with others will be based on business strategies, financial gain, and material pleasures.

When it comes to your relationships, you’ll be thinking in terms of “what can I offer to this person, and what can this person offer to me?” If you’re coupled up or looking to woo someone over, you’ll be buying things or cooking for this person, trying to prove how much you value them on the physical level. And vice versa, your lover will feel inspired to purchase you gifts, cook you a meal, or make a craft for you.

Mid-month, blessings from great Jupiter land in your 11th house of friendship and community. You’re going to feel a genuine sense of “belonging” — whether it’s a friend-group or team you’re involved in. If there’s a friend you’ve been neglecting for a while, they are likely to reach out to you and wonder, “where’ve you been!?” A lot of people will be seeking your attention.

Saturn’s retrograde falls in your 10th house, indicating a change of reputation. People are going to view you as undisciplined, for better or worse. Be careful at work, as your boss may accuse you of being lazy or slacking off. But when it comes to friendship, people are going to see you as much more fun and relaxed than you ever used to be.

The full moon on the 26th lights up your 8th house of transformation — indicating a major life-change! Something very intense, yet mysterious, is likely to happen at this time. You could have a wild night with a lover, or learn about someone’s juicy secrets. And finally, brace yourself for Mercury’s retrograde starting on the 29th, indicating possible electronic failures or the loss of a business deal.


Gemini, the month of May should be a breeze for you, with your 1st house taking the spotlight. Communication with others is effortless and any disputes you’ve been dealing with will be resolved. When it comes to romance, you’ll be feeling very lucky. Whether single or coupled up, you’ll experience a deep surge in self-love. You are totally feelin’ yourself this month. It might just feel like the world literally does revolve around you.

Mid-month brings a stroke of luck in your 10th house, representing your reputation. You know when someone walks into a room, everyone turns their heads, and says “wow” — that’s totally you! At work, you could receive some type of bonus or additional paycheck that seemingly comes out of nowhere. Just the slightest effort in your career will bring you a huge amount of abundance. You’ll be thinking hard about your image and how you appear to others, and making an impression is vital.

This harmonious energy peaks by the 20th, marking the first day of Gemini season. A few days later, Saturn is retrograding your 9th house — it’s advised that you avoid travel plans at this time, rather, stay home and enjoy some much-needed couch-lock. The full moon happening on the 26th falls in your 7th house, pointing towards a major commitment. Coupled up Geminis may become engaged at this time, while singles may be given some type of serious responsibility.

You wrap up the month with Mercury retrograding in your 1st house. At this time, you’ll find yourself becoming a bit more withdrawn. Conversations with others will be focused on self-growth. People may often bring up to you how much you have recently changed. Gemini, you have really blossomed lately, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.


Cancer, the month of May feels like a “wrap-up” for you — the ending of a major phase in your life. Communication with others is nostalgic and retrospective, as you mentally prepare yourself to move forward. Many of you are saying “goodbye” to an old lover or old friends. If you’re coupled up, there will be more depth and intimacy within your relationship.

Mid-month brings a surge of good luck during Jupiter’s transit. This is a harmonious time for traveling or exploring something new. Later, Saturn retrogrades in your 8th house, indicating setbacks and delays when it comes to change.

May 20th marks the start of Gemini season, the final season of the zodiac before Cancer season (your season!) Take these next few weeks to rest up, as your energy is going to decrease, a vital time for re-charging your batteries.

As everyone is feeling more social by the full moon on the 26th, do not hesitate to cancel or deny plans, since you’ll be feeling much more reclusive than others. This full moon lights up your 6th house, drawing attention to your health. This is an excellent time to have a spa day and indulge in self-care. And around the 29th, you may hear from an old friend.


Leo, this month places focus on your 11th house of friendship. You’re super popular right now, as everybody wants a piece of you. As Venus heads towards your 11th house, a previously platonic connection is likely to evolve into something much deeper, much more romantic. The most beneficial way to navigate through your love life right now is by treating your partner, or potential lover, as a buddy you can relate to. Focus on your similarities and common interests with one another, rather than falling into a power-struggle dynamic. In order words, you do not have to compete with someone in order to win their love — instead, meet them on the same level.

Mid-month, lucky Jupiter visits your 8th house. Many of you are likely to “get lucky” in the love department at this time. Attention is called to major changes you’ve been procrastinating following through on. Go ahead, let yourself transform into someone new, and infinite blessings will naturally follow.

As Saturn retrogrades in your 7th house, you may find yourself avoiding important responsibilities. Those of you who are coupled up may face some serious temptation, or lack dedication within your partnership. At all costs, avoid proposals or any type of commitment with someone, as you are bound to break promises.

The full moon on the 26th is happening in your 5th house. Again, many things are changing for you, and this full moon is basically the cherry on top of all the other layers of transformation you’ve been experiencing this month. If there’s someone you’ve been trying to forgive, now is the time to do so. Allow yourself to release the past. May concludes with Mercury retrograding in your 11th house, indicating likeliness of an old friend returning.


Virgo, the month of May is all about appearance, career, and reputation, for you. As a Virgo, you’re naturally hard-working and aim to achieve. But this month especially, you’re pondering deeply on how you’d like the world to see you, and which direction to take on your career path. At work, you may find yourself conversing with co-workers and bosses much more than usual. Your charm is magnetic right now, so use your words to climb up the latter with ease. You could be asked to give a presentation or speech — don’t worry, you’ll totally kill it!

There could definitely be a strong workplace crush this month, or maybe you’re forming a business alliance with your partner. Whoever said you can’t mix business with pleasure is wrong! People are especially attracted to your brilliant ideas and savvy intellect right now.

By mid-month, you could definitely land a promotion, as good-luck Jupiter visits your 7th house of responsibility. If you’re married, this is an extremely harmonious time for you. And if you’re only seeing someone casually, there’s a good chance that this person will ask you for something more serious. Chances are that you’ve been tied up at work, and your partner misses having your attention.

Saturn retrogrades in your 6th house — meaning, you’ll slack off on self-care — losing sleep, overeating, etc. A health issue could pop up. Both your work life and your love life are taking a significant amount of your energy — so don’t forget about yourself! The full moon on the 26th highlights your 4th house, indicating change in your home-life. It would serve you well to call out sick and take a mental health day — not only do you deserve it, but you need it!

Thus, you’re ending May with the start of Mercury retrograde, happening in your 10th house. At this time, you may come to a realization that there’s more to life than your career, and that you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else.


Libra, this month draws attention to adventure and exploration. The start of May is the perfect time for making travel plans or speaking with others about your personal goals. It would be highly beneficial to go traveling with close family or friends, or better yet your romantic interest. Wherever you go, it won’t be boring, with this type of energy flowing your way. In terms of love, you’re feeling extra free-spirited and anxious to move forward. You could definitely meet someone interesting, and if you’re already coupled up, expect a surge of excitement and passion.

Jupiter lights up your 6th house of health — indicating great luck! If you’ve been battling a health issue for a while, that’s sure to come to an end during mid-month. Your muscles are feeling good, your skin is looking clear, and your mental health is soaring high! Who knew that self-care could be so rewarding!?

As Saturn retrogrades your 5th house of pleasure, you could find yourself overindulging more than usual. It’s likely that for quite a while, you haven’t been letting yourself have much fun, or you’ve been stubbornly trying to control the changes in your life. But now, you’re feeling like — whatever happens, happens.

The full moon on the 26th highlights your 3rd house of communication. This is sure to be a highly social day for you. You could totally find out some juicy gossip. At last, comes Mercury’s retrograde on the 29th — happening in your 9th house. Hopefully you got your “travel bug” fixated in the last few weeks, because from here forward, all travel plans will be delayed.


Scorpio, this month revolves around your 8th house of transformation. As a Scorpio, you are naturally adept to changes, destruction, and rebirth — which you are going to experience A LOT of during May. Conversations with others will be anything but lighthearted, which is exactly what you crave. You could find yourself speaking with others about mysteries, anything related to the occult, or even very taboo subjects.

Your love life is about to turn in a whole new direction. Lots of chaotic energy is headed your way. You could be letting go of someone, meeting someone new, or experiencing the return of an old lover — whatever it is, it won’t be the same. Expect to feel a surge of intimacy within your partnership, if you’re coupled up. Those who are single could be especially close to their friends during this time, like you truly understand one another.

Lucky Jupiter lights up your 5th house during mid-month, providing you a burst of excitement and passion. This is a great time for traveling or trying something new. You may have not even realized how stiff and boring your life had felt for quite sometime until now. With Saturn retrograding your 4th house, you may slack off on chores and keeping your home tidy.

The full moon on the 26th glows in your 2nd house, drawing attention to your resources and money. Many of you will receive a gift or bonus paycheck on this day. Finally, Mercury begins retrograde on the 29th, happening in your 8th house. You could have a very deep conversation with an old friend or lover, but watch out for misunderstandings.


Sagittarius, May places major emphasis on your 7th house of marriage and responsibilities. You could become engaged, your relationship could be tested, or you could receive a higher commitment at work. Conversations with others are becoming more serious now. If you are married, there will be a very important conversation with one another. When it comes to romance, you’re now thinking in more serious terms. You’re about to experience a deepening within all relationships you have — a lover, friends, family, and so on.

Mid-month, Jupiter travels to your 4th house — bringing lots of luck to your home life! You could have a harmonious time with a mother-figure, whether it be your own mother, someone who serves as a mother to you, or someone with strong, maternal energy. If you have roommates or live with family, the energy will be very happy, fun, and exciting. Also, Saturn retrogrades within your 3rd house, implying some struggle with communication. At this time, you may struggle to keep in touch with friends, or find yourself less motivated to socialize with others.

The full moon on the 26th is happening in your 1st house. This day is all about you! It’s sure to be a wonderful, beautiful, and peaceful one. Lastly, Mercury is retrograding in your 7th house on the 29th. From here forward, communication with your partner will become more difficult, so be sure that you have said what you needed to say to them by now.


Capricorn, this month places major focus on your health, as your 6th house takes the front stage. Discussions with others revolve around diet, fitness routines, skincare regimens, etc. The more you take care of your health, the more you attract love — as Venus joins Mercury in your 6th house too. Singles could meet someone special at the gym. If you’re coupled up, deepen your relationship by working out with your partner and focusing on one another’s fitness goals. Going for a hike though the mountains makes for a perfect date. Or better yet, massaging one another with some lavender-scented CBD oil.

Good-luck Jupiter comes around to visit your 3rd house during the second week of May. You may find yourself socializing more and becoming extra outgoing at this time. You could make new friends, or reconnect with others. This is the perfect time to partake in a social event or some kind of party — you’re sure to have a blast! Later in May, Saturn retrogrades in your 2nd house. At this time, you may be prone to overspending or becoming careless with your money — so keep yourself in check when it comes to finances.

The full moon on the 26th lights up your 12th house — this energy could make you feel a bit more isolated and withdrawn. You’re going to become deep in your thoughts about the past, what you’ve lost, and what you need to let go of — feeling quite retrospective.

May ends with Mercury retrograding your 6th house. During these next few weeks, communication is about to become more difficult, as everyone is more prone to misunderstandings. You could get into an argument or disagreement with someone about your health choices during this time.


Aquarius, May puts the spotlight on your 5th house — revealing that this month is sure to be fun, playful, and exciting for you! You’ll find yourself laughing more often and perhaps even falling into a pit of silliness. You’re also prone to experiencing deep change during this time. Keeping an open mind is your best tactic.

Your love life specifically, is about to get more “silly.” Things may have been feeling stiff, almost too comfortable, for a while — and now that’s all about to change. You could have a lot of passionate nights with your lover, maybe even multiple lovers for you. This is not the best time for commitment, as you are feeling much more experimental and curious.

Lucky Jupiter visits your 2nd house mid-month, meaning you will receive some type of extravagant gift from someone, or a bonus paycheck! And then comes Saturn’s retrograde in your 1st house, meaning that your overall personality could become more relaxed and careless, rather than overly controlling and disciplined.

The full moon takes place in your 11th house on the 26th — this is the perfect day to hang out with your friends, or call them up and have some long conversations. By the 29th, Mercury goes retrograde, meaning that communication will be prone to misunderstandings — but on the other hand, you could also get back in touch with people from your past.


Pisces, May places attention on your 4th house of home and security. You could find yourself communicating more with your mother, or some type of mother-figure. Conversations will be focused on responsibility, safety, and nurturing energy. You could be having a lot of social gatherings at your house.

Your home life is also about to feel more sensual and romantic. It’s the perfect time for lighting candles, dimming the lights, and setting the mood. If you’re dating, suggest that your partner comes over for a chill movie night with takeout and stovetop popcorn.

Mid-month, Jupiter lights up your 1st house. Expect a gigantic stroke good luck! More people are paying attention to you at this time, perhaps even struggling to fight for your attention. Your personality is taking center stage and everyone is looking! Later, Saturn retrogrades in your 12th house — meaning you could struggle to push through a much-needed ending with someone.

The full moon on 26th glows in your 10th house — again, you’re being put in the spotlight. At your job, expect to receive lots of recognition from your boss or co-workers, perhaps even a promotion or bonus. A lot of people are talking about you, maybe even gossiping about you around this day — but rest assured, they’re all saying good things. Finally, Mercury retrograde begins on the 29th, the start of a short period of miscommunication. You could be going through old photos, journals, or social media posts at this time, thinking a lot about your past.


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