Energy Update #1 (555)

As mentioned before, being in the year of “5” makes the month of May (5) the most intense day of the year, specifically the day of the 5th. Marking “555” denotes intense change for all of us. As energy is fluid rather than concrete, the power of 555 is not limited to May 5th 2021, but falls around that area — within days and weeks.

Personally, I have been witnessing this energy very strongly, not just for myself but for everyone else too. I am very saddened to say that within this past couple weeks, I know at least four people who have experienced the death of someone close to them. On top of that, I lost my pet guinea pig yesterday morning, which probably happened the night of the 6th. I know that this time of year will certainly stand out to me in the future.

555 brings changes, but I am shocked to see just how powerful these changes have been. The biggest life change of all is death, and unfortunately, I am seeing way more of it than usual. Of course unfortunately the pandemic has brought many deaths, but I have to say that these past couple weeks in particular has brought a surge. Some of these deaths have been related to the virus, some have been completely unrelated. Almost all of them were related to old-age.

Today is only the 8th. We still have a couple more weeks left of this intense energy — the very last week of May should be a bit calmer, hopefully. I was hoping that these changes would be more about self-growth rather than the tragedy of death. I just want to put this out there, not as a warning to scare anybody, but a friendly reminder to tell your loved ones that you care for them, and appreciate the people (and animals) in your life while they are here. I do believe the spirit lives on and begins a new journey, however it’s nearly impossible to fully comprehend what that journey entails. So send loving and hopeful thoughts.

On another note, speaking of change, I’ve decided that instead of monthly horoscopes, I’m going to focus more on specific transits as they happen. Very fun writing horoscopes, but definitely overwhelming to do it all at once, as you can see how lengthy they get. So starting in June I’ll be focusing more on one thing such as full moon, planetary transits, retrogrades, etc.


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