June = #6 — Caretaking & charity

As June is the 6th month, it is represented by the number “6.”

A turning point

As the numbers 1-5 are more simplistic, the number 6 begins heavier and more chaotic energy for the latter half of the year — not always necessarily on a personal level, but definitely on a universal level. The last seven months of each year tend to be deeper and more impactful compared to the first five. January through May typically has us all thinking in more selfish ways. May, the month of unexpected change, is the spark of transition for the collective consciousness — from “what we want” to “how we impact others,” from our inner circle of friends to all the people of the world, from our similarities to our differences, from youthfulness to maturity, from black-and-white thinking to shades of grey.


With 6 being such a harmonious number, June is a gentle entrance into this daunting phase of complexity and maturity. June is generally a peaceful month, full of appreciation towards the past and hope for the future. Happy social gatherings typically take place this month. Overall, it can be extremely peaceful — at least once you fully move past the lingering rocky energy of May.

Giving back

With the collective shift of a turning point in the year, June may serve as a sudden wakeup call that there’s more to life than our own selves. June can trigger many people to begin charity work, practice random acts of kindness, and express greater concern for the less fortunate. You may find yourself standing up for others, being more willing to offer help, and taking part in activism for a greater cause. And the energy flows both ways — you may experience a deeper sense of support, receive assistance or even a generous donation from someone. Sacrifices are made and the good karma does not go unnoticed or unrewarded.

Motherhood and children

The number “6” can be depicted as a stick-figure with a pregnant belly, thus containing themes of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. June is full of nurturing energy, as you may feel an inner urge to take care of others — those less fortunate, random strangers, your friends, your family, your lover, or your own mother — as well as the environment, the animals, and so on.

June may draw attention to your mother, and if you’re a mother yourself, then possibly your children or parenting style. If you have a broken relationship with your mother, this could be a great month for healing. Or you may become close to someone in your life who serves as a mother figure. Or you, yourself, may take on the role as a mother (regardless of your gender) to someone else — older, younger, related or not. You could be given a higher position at work, you could become the leader of a group, you could be put in charge of many responsibilities, you could adopt a new pet — anything that puts you in a parental role.

Sense of accomplishment

Whether you’re birthing a child, a project, or a new idea — it’s likely that June will bring you some deep sense of accomplishment. Making it through the first half of the year (again: a time of youth, simplicity, and selfishness) and beginning the latter phase (maturity, complexity, and selflessness) has us feeling like we have successfully passed a hurdle and made it over the hump. It’s a celebratory time filled with confidence and relief. It’s extremely fitting that most children graduate from school during the month of June.

The responsibilities we are given during June are not overwhelming, but welcomed — in a “I totally got this” type of way. The focus is on how much we are capable of handling, thus promoting a sense of stability and reliability.


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