Collective tarot ~ Worldwide predictions

I’m going to share questions regarding the collective / worldwide.


On a prior post in my last blog, I asked about the pandemic. This was October 2020. It was told that the next six months would not bring much changes, and that by spring or summer, it would dissappear. It also seemed even with five years it would be long gone.

So now I’m asking a different question. Will the virus come back with vengeance? In other words, another mutation or strain or etc.

Cards I pulled were quite shocking.

The tower is indicative of a completely unpredictable, major shift. That stands out the most. The two two surrounding cards show anxiety and grief over this situation.

The energy headed our way is highly chaotic and basically impossible to prophesize or predict. Whatever happens will be shocking and completely unexpected. For this reason I can’t really get any more specific than that.

All I can say is that there is change and intensity coming. Something will be lost.

I pulled three more cards to try to get any more information.

Death is yet another card of great change and intensity. Both Death and Tower cards are Scorpio energy, so with timing, Scorpio season (starting mid October) could be of significance.

These other two cards in reverse are about a lack of action. There’s powerlessness and a sense of giving up.

What I can say for sure is that the energy coming towards us is fated and cannot be stopped. Whatever is supposed to happen, or whatever the universe controls, is out of man’s hands.

So, regardless of what we do or how to react, will not change what is going to happen. So I can see this two ways — if the pandemic ends for good and is not continued by another pandemic, this is what is bound to happen and can’t be controlled by us. Or other scenario is if the pandemic continues somehow with another virus or anything, it can’t be stopped by human efforts.

Something is giving up and losing power here, I’m not positive if this is the virus itself or if this is us. Either the virus or the humans are losing the battle but something here is becoming defeated.

This time, I put all the cards back and re-shuffled. Now I specifically asked how will we as the collective react from our perspective.

The same exact two cards, in the same exact position, from before came up.

Again it’s very intense and transformative energy. I am seeing a physical struggle regarding money flow and the economy. I am seeing exhaustion here. A lack of power and security.

The Guru here shows spiritual progress. It also shows rules, structure, and discipline. This could either mean an institution (most likely gov but also possibly the church) setting more rules. Or it could mean people changing their own rules and beliefs.

Overall, this is a hard subject for me to predict on. This is not something I can do often but I just had the urge to do so right now. Things appear to be getting better for now and yet I keep hearing all these theories about it going on for ten years (I almost wrote twenty!!!)

Again I’m not really used to doing a prediction on this type of thing, as opposed to romance and career and that type of thing. I know it’s not super detailed and I could definitely be wrong. I just keep getting that whatever comes next cannot be accurately predicted by anyone. So there are so many theories and guesses but I have to say we just don’t know. No one ever saw this coming and no one will know how or when it will end. Change is coming, and maybe that’s good change, but I don’t know, it’s unexpected.

Sorry this was not a great reading but seeing the same two cards pop out again was pretty crazy. Not super specific but definitely change coming.


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