July = #7 — Independence & self-discipline

The month of July equals number 7. As mentioned in June’s numerology forecast, numbers past 5 are more mature and complex. The focus shifts from “me” to “us,” and the themes of the month are more complicated. There is also more of a sense of “being” rather than “doing.”

It is fitting that in the USA, we celebrate Independence Day on the fourth of July — the anniversary of the day our nation was born, breaking free from the control of Great Britain. The number 7 is all about independence and freedom. It can also indicate isolation — not in a lonely way, but in a way of breaking free from the crowd in order to embrace your uniqueness.

The number 7 also relates to contracts. On the surface, it may seem like contracts and freedom do not go hand in hand, but as just mentioned, this is a complex number. The signing of the declaration of independence is a perfect example of that. A legal contract was established to protect the freedom of a new nation. At the time, it was unique and rebellious for a country to allow freedom of religion as well as speration of the church and the states.

Other examples include marraige and business partnerships. Two people come together for financial benefits and legal protection, which allows greater freedom. By “contract,” this does not refer to forced agreements, slavery, or the stripping of rights — but the type of legal bind that grants you more rights.

The number 7 also has to do with self-discipline. It’s fitting that most school children are on summer vacation during this month, but still expected to do some type of homework such as a summer reading list. This is when kids step back from teachers, traditional and structured education, in order to become their own teachers and do work at their own personal pace.

During July, as a collective, we step away from tradition and supervision. Independence requires the highest form of self-discipline. You cannot function properly on your own without having the strength to hold yourself accountable for responsibilities. Again, the theme of maturity prevails.

And lastly, a huge theme for the number 7 is uniqueness and differences. It’s about following your own path, even when that requires withdrawing from those who disagree with you.

July will affect us all differently depending on your personal numerology chart, but overall…

  • You may sign a legal contract that allows greater responsibility and freedom for yourself.
  • You may get married, or be called to pay more attention to your marriage.
  • You may spend more time alone, rather than joining a crowd.
  • You may walk away from a team in order to create your own vision.
  • You may discover more about yourself, and find more self-acceptance.
  • You may question where you belong or fit in with the world, wondering about your life purpose.
  • You may meet a future spouse or begin a deep friendship with someone.
  • You may receive a job promotion.
  • You may form a business partnership that will be long-lasting and abundant.
  • You may move into a new home that requires more work but also brings greater abundance.
  • You may have an overall shift in perspective that has you thinking in more serious terms.
  • You may have to work harder and face more roadblocks that ultimately leads to greater rewards.
  • You may begin, or focus more on, your own independent business.
  • You may walk away from a traditional and institutionalized career path, church/religion, education, lifestyle choice, etc. in order to pursue something independent, untraditional, and unique.
  • You may begin a relationship that goes against societal norms, or become interested in someone who is usually not your type.

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