August = #8 — Transformation & taboo

August, being the 8th month of the year, is represented as the number “8.” This is a highly complex, deep, and misunderstood number. With the energy continuing to increase as the years go on and the numbers get higher, August serves to be an extremely intense month. It contains not just a few, but several different themes.

Death & rebirth

August is a time of death and rebirth. August 1st, or “Lammas,” marks the point in which darkness begins to take over with days getting longer and darker on the northern hemisphere. Back up to summer solstice in late June, when the light and the dark are equal, darkness increases for the rest of the year. August is the point in which we can fully notice the days getting shorter and darker (again, on the northern hemisphere, at least.) Autumn, the season of death, is right around the corner.

But even those who live on the Southern Hemisphere can see themes of darkness in the month of August. The number “8” represents a figure-8: one point skating back and forth between one side to the other. Death is not the end, but the transformation towards a brand new beginning.

Secrets & taboo

August is a month of secrets. This could either point to secrets being revealed, or involving yourself heavily in secrecy. Whatever you are digging yourself into is sure to come out soon, as August brings out the inner investigator in everyone.

This is a great time for indulging yourself in unknown, mysterious, or forbidden subjects. This is when hidden desires come out and you find yourself more motivated to take action towards your needs that you previously attempted to suppress.

Business, money, achievement

The number 8 also relates directly to high status and money. If you play your cards right, you could receive a great surplus of wealth this month. This is the time to sort of your finances, make investments, and take giant leaps forward in your job or business.

Harness this energy to chase after that desired promotion or pay raise. Take advantage of this time to build your business. Talk to a professional financial advisor. Your motivation and hunger for achievement is peaking.

Take charge & be the boss

Take charge, not only in your career, but in all aspects of your life. 8 is nicknamed “the boss number.” Those who are 8’s in their life path or destiny numbers are born leaders. Therefore, August brings boss-like energy that you are being encouraged by the universe to take.

If you are someone who suffers from low confidence or self-esteem, this is the month to work on your self-worth. If you have been feeling pushed around recently, use this energy to take back control and boss up your whole life.

Ego & dignity

Finally, 8 relates to the ego. You are likely to experience and ego-inflation this month. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on how you react to it.

Positively, you can use this ego-boost to recover a negative reputation, to find grace within unfair situations, to feel respected among your peers, to achieve high social status, to improve your character, to rise above pettiness, to have dignity.

On the downside, an ego-boost can lead to people acting two-faced, the suppression of deep emotions, worrying too much about what other people think of you, expecting special treatment, thinking you’re better than everyone else, etc.

Possible outcomes for August…

  • You may go through an important “ending” — a breakup, moving homes, changing jobs, etc. in order to begin a new chapter.
  • You may experience many changes in your environment.
  • You may find yourself becoming more attracted to “the darkness” — mysteries, occult, taboo, etc.
  • You may go through a deep, inner transformation.
  • You may be involved in a lot of secrecy.
  • You may find out a dark secret about someone, or someone finds out a dark secret about you.
  • You may become involved in a project that requires a lot of research and investigation.
  • You may receive a promotion to a boss-like status — given more power and responsibility at work.
  • You may be given more responsibilities and control in your home life/personal life.
  • You may be called to a higher leadership position.
  • You may be more cautious with spending or make smarter finance moves.
  • You may receive a bonus/surplus of money.
  • You may win a contest or raffle prize.
  • You may achieve an important goal, or multiple goals.
  • You may expand your business or career path.
  • You may feel more confident, important, and special.
  • You may bounce back from a previously poor reputation, regaining respect from your peers that you once lost.
  • You may receive many more compliments and praise from others.
  • You may handle an unfair situation more gracefully and dignified than you normally would.

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