Horoscope for August 2021


  • 8th — New moon in Leo
  • 11 — Mercury in Virgo
  • 16 — Venus in Libra
  • 19 — Uranus retrograde (until Jan)
  • 22 — Full moon Aquarius
  • 22 — Virgo season
  • 30 — Mercury in Libra


As we begin the first week of exhaling and releasing the tension, the new moon in Leo appears on the 8th of August and allows us a brand new beginning. This is the highlight of Leo season, when Leo energy is officially at its highest in the year of 2021. There is a greater focus on the self — how you express yourself, how you appear to the world, and what gifts you have to share with the world. On this day, you may decide to create a deep shift in your personality. Maybe it’s time for you to become another person — perhaps your whole life, you’ve always thought of yourself as a follower, and now it’s time to twist the narrative and make yourself a leader. Or, perhaps it’s time for you to take on a whole new wardrobe, a new style, maybe even change the way you speak.

Around the 11th, you could have an important discussion regarding data and analytics, most likely at your workplace, or possibly with a doctor regarding your health. Mid-August, you are really feeling the love with Venus traveling to Libra — a very harmonious placement, as Libra is ruled by Venus. You and your lover are seeing eye to eye. Thoughts and discussions of marriage could come up, and those who are already married could experience a boost in your partnership.

With Uranus going retrograde on the 19th, there is sure to be some major shakeup around this day. It’s not so much that the world around you will change, but your perspective, and how you perceive the world, is bound to shift. You could find out something that your intuition has been telling you for a while, but is now finally confirmed. While Uranus is moving direct, the world is quite a strange place — but when it turns retrograde, things you would typically label as “weird” or “confusing” somehow become acceptable. From now until January 2022, you will feel a new sense of normal.

On the 22nd, the full moon in Aquarius brings energy that is completely opposite of Leo — just as we step into Virgo season and wave Leo season goodbye. Instead of thinking of ourselves, we’re thinking about each other at this time. Whatever personally shift you have crafted at the start of August, you are now ready to share with and contribute to the world. This is sure to be an extremely social day. Use this energy towards charity work, a community project, or a team event.

Finally, August concludes with a significant conversation — many of you with a lover or husband/wife, and many of you with a lawyer or someone involved with the law. This is a great day for having a healthy debate with someone, as you are sure to both see one another’s perspective from a detached mindset. Arguments could be solved with ease.


General: It’s time to start a new project that brings you joy — no matter how “silly” or “superfluous” others might call it. Conversation revolves around health routines and self-improvement. Friendship is important to you, and you’re vibing well with your buddies. The third week of August is the perfect time to plan a party, a getaway, or a mini stay-cation with your closest pals.

Love/Romance: This month, your love life takes a more serious tone. Higher commitment is attractive to you right now. Marriage is very likely in the cards for you. Schedule date night around the 22nd, and do something social, like a double date with friends, or a trendy restaurant.

Career/finances: It’s time to put yourself first and quit putting the needs of your co-workers before you. You’re being guided to pay extra attention to the details at work. Your relationship with perfectionism plays a vital factor in your career path — does it make you better at your job, or does it only get in the way? Relationships with co-workers are generally harmonious. You’re listening to them without getting overly sucked into their dramas.


General: The start of August brings a new change within your home or family life. This could lead to a conversation about children, immaturity, or playfulness. Emotional satisfaction comes from working on your fitness goals. Your reputation is being highlighted, and lots of people are paying attention to you.

Love/Romance: You strengthen your bond with your partner this month by focusing on keeping each other healthy — working out together, checking up on one another’s mental state, and trying new diets. The full moon on the 22nd could bring multiple lovers fighting over you, as your popularity is high at this time.

Career/finances: You’re finding ways to incorporate play with work. You could come up with a new idea that’s beneficial for everyone at your workplace. A promotion or higher responsibility is sure to fall in your lap towards the end of the month. Your boss admires your skillful balance between seriousness and light-heartedness.


General: You’re brainstorming like never before at the start of August. You could be communicating a lot with your mother, a mother-figure, or family member. The full moon on the 22nd is the perfect time to go traveling and explore somewhere brand new!

Love/romance: You’re feeling extra flirty and a little bit naughty. When it comes to romance, you’re having lots of fun. With all of this adventurous energy flowing through you, book a flight with your partner around the 22nd and travel somewhere you’ve never gone before, in order to keep those sparks flying.

Career/finances: You get along best this month with co-workers who make you feel at home. You’re feeling tempted to slack off, but push yourself to keep up with responsibilities. Some of you may be asked to travel for work — if the offer comes up, the stars are advising you to go ahead and take it!


General: Some of you are spending more time with a child or children this month, others are embracing a more childlike attitude. Spending time with family makes you feel extra warm and fuzzy right now. However, this energy takes a sharp turn by the full moon on the 22nd, which is sure to be very intense and transformative.

Love/romance: As a cancer, you generally prefer stay-at-home dates — this month, even more-so than ever, you’ll want to avoid going out too much. Cuddle up with your partner on the couch, make some popcorn, and put on a good movie. Things are extra fiery between you and your partner on the 22nd’s full moon. You will definitely want to keep those curtain closed, or you just might up putting on an X-rated film for your neighbors.

Career/finances: Coming into August, it’s time to make a change in your spending habits. Some of you may work with children or babies this month. Work may be feeling stiff and boring, but the full moon is sure to bring you a bonus paycheck, seemingly out of nowhere, by the end of August.


General: Beginning August, you’re focused on no one else but yourself — even more-so than usual. People will find you extra charming this month, as your words are presented with clarity, thoughtfulness, and kindness. While everyone else is going out and socializing during the full moon on the 22nd, you’d be better off having some alone-time or one-on-one with a close friend.

Love/romance: You and your lover are communicating A LOT — sharing ideas, working on shared goals, and having many playful exchanges. Towards the end of the month, things are getting really serious. You two could be thinking about marriage or a higher commitment.

Career/finances: Communication with co-workers and business parters is harmonious. This is the perfect time for haggling, or making a deal with someone. Near the end of the month, you could form an alliance with the perfect business partner who sees eye to eye with you.


General: Be sure to rest up at the start of the month — your energy levels are very low at this time. Communication is a breeze, and getting your message across is nearly effortless. Watch out for emotional spending, buying unnecessary things just for the sake of feeling better. Your energy is back by the 22nd, with the start of Virgo season (yes, that’s you!) and greater motivation to take care of your health.

Love/romance: This month, you and your partner bond by gifting each other with presents — it doesn’t have to be lavish, even something as simple as a bag of candy or bouquet of roses to keep the sparks flying. The perfect date night around the 22nd’s full moon — going for a long, romantic hike with your lover through the mountains.

Career/finances: If you’re currently single, then love is probably the last thing on your mind, as you’re throwing yourself into your career — which brings high emotional satisfaction this month. By the end of August, it’s time for you to examine whether your job improves or discourages healthy habits.


General: A new friend could very well enter your life near the start of August — someone you are bound to form a lifelong friendship with. Conversations with others — even total strangers — are deep, introspective, and philosophical. You’re very attractive right now. Around the 22nd, during the full moon, go out and party! It’s surely set to be an enjoyable time for you.

Love/romance: Singles — many of you will meet a new friend who quickly sweeps you off your feet, but you’ve definitely got a handful of others who are also competing for your love. Couples — your relationship reaches a new level as you’re discussing previously uncharted territories with your lover. Schedule a date around the 22nd for cocktails and dancing.

Career/finances: This month, work is all about play. You could be slacking off a bit, or finding ways to incorporate more joy, fun, and excitement into your job. Some of you may even have a workplace romance going on. Instead of typical small-talk by the cooler, you and your co-workers are engaging in fascinating and mind-expanding debates.


General: You and your friends are communicating well with one another. Pleasure is found through quality alone-time, lucid dreaming, and deep meditation. Near the of of the month, attention is drawn towards your home life and need for stability. Instead of going out during the full moon on the 22nd, suggest that your friends come over instead, or engage in some quality family-time.

Love/romance: You could very well be involved in a secret affair this month. Things are getting heavy and serious, but it’s still on the down-low. It would be wise to avoid outsiders who are trying to nose into your relationship — don’t listen to their opinions. Instead of making a dramatic show out of your relationship, work on building a solid and secure foundation between you and your partner.

Career/finances: Your reputation at work is changing, and many of you are taking the first steps towards a huge promotion. You and your co-workers are seeing eye to eye, and many of them are good friends of yours. During the second half of August, you’re far more productive working at home, in the privacy of your own, uninterrupted space.


General: It’s time for you to take a new direction in life — either physically (maybe it’s time to move) or metaphorically. Careful with your words this month — more people are listening than you realize! Many of you are single, and perfectly happy about it, because your friends offer deep, emotional satisfaction that a lover can’t replace. By the end of the month, you could have some very important news to share.

Love/romance: Singles could find themselves crushing on a best friend, while coupled up Sag’s are finding friendship within their partnership. The full moon on the 22nd could bring a very dramatic conversation between you and your babe.

Career/finances: You could be called to take on a leadership role or give a speech/presentation at work. Your communication skills are on point right now — with clients, your co-workers, and your boss. Use this powerful influence to make creative changes at your workplace.


General: You’re dealing with some type of secretive taboo at the start of the month — something you can’t even speak about. People are attracted to you because of your powerful influence this month. Communication revolves around traveling — make plans for a future vacation! During the full moon on the 22nd, dress yourself up in lavish clothes and expensive jewelry.

Love/romance: You have many admirers or “fans” this month — some of you have a workplace romance going on. Your lover could surprise you with a fantastic gift at the end of August — or vice versa, you could find yourself eager to express your love through material goods.

Career/finances: Your career path and money flow is especially harmonious at this time. Talk to your boss about climbing up the latter. It’s likely for you to receive a present or bonus paycheck on the 22nd’s full moon.


General: You may be starting a new commitment or partnership. You definitely have wanderlust this month — even more-so than usual! Don’t be surprised if you find yourself speaking about taboo subjects with others. The full moon on the 22nd takes place in your sign of Aquarius — this is sure to be a great day for you — go out and celebrate!

Love/romance: Singles could meet someone very special while traveling on vacation. If you’re coupled up, definitely use this time to take a romantic getaway — it’ll be sure to strengthen your bond. Some of you are feeling very restless within your romantic situation, and searching for growth or novelty. Take steps to keep your love life adventurous. You and your partner are more than ready to take this relationship to a higher level.

Career/finance: The hard work you put in right now may go unrecognized for an extended period of time, but will not go to waste. While it seems like no one is watching, sooner than you think, you’ll be rewarded for your strenuous efforts. There could be some intense drama at work, with co-workers confiding in you about some very personal issues. Be sure to draw clear boundaries.


General: Start August on a high note by finally beginning that new diet or workout routine you’ve been thinking about for a while now. Avoid spreading yourself too thin. Important conversations should be held in private. Someone is bound to spill a dirty secret to you. By the end of the month, you’re feeling a sense of closure. Spend the 22nd’s full moon doing some deep meditation and dream journaling.

Love/romance: This month, your love life is intense, powerful, and very sexy. August marks a turning point within your relationship, and things will never be the same. Your lover is just as secretive as you are, but towards the end of the month, they’re ready to open up to you — and reveal to you things that they have never shown anyone else before.

Career/finance: You and your business partner are communicating better than ever. Throw your passion into your career, and money will flow in strongly. By focusing on what you love, the money follows effortlessly.


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