Horoscope for September 2021


  • 6th — New moon in Virgo
  • 10th — Venus in Scorpio
  • 14th — Mars in Libra
  • 20th — Full moon Pisces
  • 22nd — Sun in Libra
  • 27th — Mercury retrograde (in Libra)


As we are currently in Virgo season, the new moon on the 6th brings us peak Virgo energy. This type of energy is independent, introspective, and grounding. Resist overanalyzing situations or being overly critical towards yourself. Instead, focus on setting realistic goals and use this opportunity to better yourself. This is the perfect time for beginning a new wellness routine, new diet, or picking up any other new healthy habits. Avoid social activities, and rather, sit down in silence and write a list of things that make you happy, things you’d like to focus on. Coming into September, you are bound to feel a sense of patience, a reaffirmation of faith that good things take time.

With Venus entering Scorpio on the 10th, brace yourself for intensity. Prepare to have your love life (or friendship circle) completely shaken up. There will be a heavy change, many secrets, and deep feelings. Alongside, there’s a surge of highly passionate and sensual energy.

Mid-September could bring some heavy conflict, as Mars travels to Libra. This combination means seeking justice, fighting for your rights, and demanding equality. This is a time of protesting, speaking up in court, or standing up to that bully.

The full moon on the 20th is sure to be dreamy. It’s a great day for spirituality and divination — higher messages from your intuition are flowing through. Get a psychic reading done, or perhaps do one yourself, and the accuracy will be on point.

Virgo season comes to a close, as Libra season begins on the 22nd. The final week of September is a bit more carefree and relaxed, with a focus on moderation and detachment. And finally, on the 27th, begins Mercury retrograde — a time of misunderstandings, miscommunication, and technological failures. Until October 18th, use this time to “reflect” rather than “react” — try to listen more and speak a little less. Old friends could resurface, or you could find yourself reflecting upon old conversations.


Aries, your health is changing by the start of September. A new health issue, whether mental or physical, could be popping up. You may be throwing yourself into a brand new wellness routine — just be sure to actually keep up with it — as an Aries, you are gifted at making new starts, but struggle to follow through in the longterm.

Your love life is transforming completely. Things are getting heavy and serious for those who are coupled up. You and your lover could be involved in a secret affair — or perhaps one of you is keeping a secret from the other. Things are very spicy in the bedroom. Crime shows, murder mysteries, and conspiracy documentaries are perfect for date night.

For those who are married or in a serious relationship, mid-September brings trouble in paradise. For singles, you could get into a huge debate with a co-worker or best friend. In order to avoid conflict, spend some time alone, embracing a workout or artistic project that allows you to release your passionate emotions in a safe space.

You may learn a deep, dark secret on the 20th’s full moon. Dedicate this day towards shadow work. A loved one is crying out for your attention by the end of September. Any conflicts that you thought were swept under the rug, are sure to come back to the surface — don’t ignore this.


Stepping into September, it’s time for an exciting change that brings joy. You could be making art, trying a new hobby, or simply experimenting uncharted territories.

Your love life is becoming very serious — there could be a proposal or higher level of commitment coming your way. Some of you may have a romantic relationship with a co-worker, maybe even a boss. It’s also a great time for self-love and reconnecting with your core identity.

Mid-September brings conflict with a mother or maternal figure. Rather than fighting, you’d be better off throwing yourself into a sweat-dripping, muscle-trembling workout. The full moon happening on the 20th is the perfect time to go out and have fun with your best buddies. Your friendship circle is strong, and you’re feeling highly supported and cared for.

Finally, ending off with the sun in Libra, you’re making smarter and more responsible decisions. The people around you may not agree with your lifestyle choices, but do not let that stop you from doing what makes you happy. You know your mind and body better than anyone else, and you know how to properly take care of yourself — despite anyone who tries to argue otherwise.


You’re experiencing a new beginning in your home life — moving homes, changing roommates, or switching up your decor. Or some of you could have a new family member — a new baby, a new in-law, or a new pet. This is the beginning of long-lasting change in your home and family life.

Romance is found through the mundane — you and your sweetie bond over household chores, stable routine, or similar career paths. Your love life is transforming into something far more healthier, serious, and reliable than you’re typically used to.

Mid-month, you’re feeling especially creative, and inspired to make art — follow this deep urge. You’re also feeling ready to make a change and welcome newness into your life. Around the full moon, happening on the 20th, you could receive a job promotion or some type of formal praise.

Coming into Libra season, there’s all kinds of changes headed your way. Expect lots of exciting events and fun times in the next few weeks, going into October.


You’re starting the month off receiving an unexpected piece of information. There could be a sibling, child, co-worker, or classmate who comes to you and tells you something significant. Your love life is going through deep transformation, but things are getting creative and exciting. You and your sweetie bond over making art together, brainstorming ideas, and embracing imagination.

Mid-month, there could be some serious conflict in your home or work life. There could be drama with family members or co-workers. Your sense of security is being seriously threatened. Use this energy for the better by putting work into your home — going on a deep cleaning spree, rearranging furniture, decorating, etc.

On the 20th, the full moon gives you the travel bug, and you could find yourself exploring somewhere new. With growing tension in your home, it would be wise to embark on a getaway and leave it all behind, even if it’s just for a day. Take a vacation day off work, if necessary. Whatever it is, you’re itching to get some space.

Going into Libra season, you’re searching for security and comfort. By the 27th, there could be more misunderstandings with family members, roommates, or co-workers. Use this retrograde period to reflect upon previous conversations, rather than continuing to argue.


Coming into September, your mind is on your money, as you’re looking over your finances. This is an ideal time to come up with realistic financial goals, or a practical money-making plan.

Your love life is colliding with your home or work life — some of you may have a workplace romance, some of you may be living with your sweetie. Your romance is stabilizing, and many of you are falling into a steady routine with your partner, or establishing something seriously longterm. There shouldn’t be too many surprises — except for how intense the chemistry still is. An ignited flame, that you were worried was going to burn out, just keeps on remaining lit.

Halfway through, you could get into a verbal argument with someone. Watch your mouth, and watch how others speak to you. Someone in your life has an issue with how you communicate.

The 20th will be an extremely intense day for you. For many of you, that financial strategy you set into place at the start of the month will seriously pay off around this time — perhaps a sudden increase in your bank account. For others, this could be an extremely romantic day for you, full of so much fire and sensuality.

By the end of the month, you’re focused on how you express yourself and present yourself to the world. Remember that, even when people don’t understand what you’re trying to say, it doesn’t automatically make them any better than you.


Virgo, you’re walking into September feeling strong and self-assured. This is your time to shine! Embrace who you are and bask in this energy!

There will be a very important, heavy conversation between you and a loved one. If you’re coupled up, you and your partner will have a serious talk about very important changes happening between one another. For singles, this could refer to a close friend or family member.

Two weeks into September, there could be an argument with others over money and resources. You’re feeling extra motivated to increase your finances. Some of you are putting in a lot of overtime at work. Watch out for “stress spending” or “retail therapy.”

The full moon on the 20th affects a partnership between you and your spouse, longterm parter, or co-worker. A heavy sense of responsibility could fall upon you. Hold onto all that money you’ve been making, because you may need it in case of emergency around this day.

As your season comes to a close, Libra season shifts the focus from YOU to the people AROUND you. Time to draw your attention towards your partner, or a friend, or family member.


For the first week or so of September, you’re feeling very low-key. Your energy levels are low, as you’re staying in more and just trying to catch up on sleep. If you’re coupled up, your sweetie is noticing how tired you are, and spoiling you with lots of gifts and meals. A loved one could surprise you soon with an unexpected gesture.

However, by two weeks in, your energy totally bounces back as Mars visits your sign for a much-needed boost. Use this passionate energy to take action on what brings you joy. You can totally accomplish your goals at this time, as long as you keep yourself removed from any petty drama happening around you.

The 20th draws attention to your health. With your energy levels bouncing back, use this day to involve yourself in rigorous activity that gets your heart racing — like a strenuous walk through the mountains.

And finally, your season begins on the 22nd, and you have officially gotten your groove back.


September starts off on a serious tone, as you’re feeling highly introspective, going within, and analyzing your dreams.

Venus is traveling to your sign of Scorpio, meaning your love life is about to feel quite lucky and also very comfortable. As most signs are disturbed by Scorpio rocking up their love life, you are feeling right at home with this energy. There could be a new beginning — such as meeting a new partner or crush, or taking your current relationship to another level. You’re successfully drawing boundaries when it’s necessary and putting yourself first, rather than bending over backwards to desperately please anyone else.

Going halfway into the month, your energy levels and motivation could be plummeting. On the bright side, you’re staying out of drama and keeping to yourself — but on the downside, you could be struggling to check off anything on that to-do list. It would be wise to conserve your energy and do more “inner work” rather than exhausting yourself too hard.

The full moon, happening on the 20th, is sure to be full of fun and adventure! Let your inner child come out and embrace your imagination. By the end of the month, be cautious of who you share your secrets with.


Sag, your reputation or career status is taking a sharp turn at the start of September. This could be the start of a new job, or a new venture that will bring you a lot of attention in the near future. Your love life is transforming into a sexy mystery, with lots of secrecy and thrills. For those who are coupled up, you and your partner are seriously focusing on one another and zoning out the rest of the world. And for some of you, this is a hidden and taboo relationship.

Conflict and drama could very well break out within your friendship circle during mid-month. Watch out for friends who are trying to pick arguments. Make the best of this energy by suggesting you and your buddies do some physical activities together — like a hike through the woods or a gym session. You’re feeling motivated to put more effort into your friendships.

Near the 20th, attention is being drawn towards your home and work life. Perhaps that new venture you embarked upon at the start of the month is finally catching everyone’s eyes. Or maybe, your roommates or family members want to spend more time together. Although Sag’s love to travel, you may be better off staying at home and engorging in a movie marathon.

The end of September could bring the return of an old friend, or possibly miscommunication within your friendship circle. Focus is placed on community, sharing, and charity. You have so many gifts to share with the world — it doesn’t always have to be about making money, but knowing you helped someone.


September kicks off with thoughts of wanderlust, an urge to travel and make plans for the perfect getaway. You’re getting along really well with your friends. Some of you are finding romance within a friendship. You’re feeling so supported, nurtured, and cared for by your closest buddies.

There may be drama and conflict at your workplace. There could be someone, or multiple people, trying to ruin your reputation. A different possibly is that you are feeling motivated to reach high accomplishments and achievement. If you remove yourself from the drama, you could find yourself becoming extremely productive at work, or within your personal ventures.

On the 20th, you may find yourself speaking or expressing yourself with ease, far more than usual. You have a lot to say, and a lot to express with the world. Someone you know could tell you a very important piece of information.

By the end of the month, you’re very fixated on your social status. Productivity is important for you. Remember to have patience — even if you don’t receive that promotion immediately, it doesn’t mean your efforts have gone wasted.


Arriving into September, the energy is quite dark and heavy. Use the new moon’s energy to do some serious self-reflection and shadow work. Get in touch with your innermost desires, even if they differ from society’s expectations.

Your reputation is super charming and attractive right now. Your co-workers and boss figures admire you. Your image right now, is coming off as sweet and loving. Some of you are having a workplace romance. If you’re coupled up, everyone seems to be taking notice of your relationship — in a good way.

You’ve got a serious urge to travel by mid-month. This is the perfect time to take a vacation and explore somewhere new. You’re itching to get out of the house. However, just be weary of any arguments or tension that could pop up with anyone you’re traveling with.

Around the full moon, happening on the 20th, you could receive a surprise gift or a bonus paycheck! Use this day to indulge yourself with a nice, home cooked meal, or a fun night out at a fancy restaurant. Or, treat yourself on a shopping spree.

Concluding September, you’re ready for even more adventure. Some of you may find yourself traveling somewhere you haven’t been in years or decades, perhaps an old childhood spot.


Beginning the month, you’re craving some alone time or serious one-on-one time with your sweetie. Your love life is traveling to brand new territories. Some of you are going on vacation with your partner, or perhaps singles will meet a special someone while traveling. You’re feeling very experimental with your sweetie — whether it’s physical or mental — you’re open to trying new things with one another. Brace yourself for things to get a little strange and spicy — in the best way possible.

By mid-month, you’re feeling super motivated to earn more money. Alongside, there’s a lot of high chemistry and passion happening for you. Channel this aggression in a healthy way by showering your partner with romance. Some of you may have an argument with someone regarding secrets and dishonesty.

The full moon in Pisces, happening on the 20th, is all about you! You’re getting along well with others, you’re seeing eye-to-eye with your friends or partner, and you’re putting yourself first in the most selfless way.

September wraps up with a focus on change, mystery, and sensual feelings. You’re feeling totally in control. An unsolved mystery from the past could reappear and unlock those hidden answers you’ve been searching for.


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