September = 9: direction & determination

September = #9

Direction and determination

The number 9 is the final number of numerology, as numerology mainly focuses on reducing all numbers to one single digit. And so, 9 represents endings, which ultimately brings new beginnings.

It is fitting that most school children begin a new grade in the month of September, as they let go of their previous school year and summer vacation in order to begin again — new classes, new teacher, new classmates, and new workload. But you do not have to be in school in order to feel this change.

As the last single digit number, the energy of 9 comes with plenty of wisdom. September is about making healthy choices and doing the right thing. Especially for students, there is motivation to work hard and make this a good school year. But in general, September is the month of planning a strategy on how to realistically complete your goals. This is not the time for daydreaming, but for taking action.

The energy of 9 is all about having focus and venturing forth. Representing direction, this is the month in which many people reach clarity regarding which direction they would like to take in life. For most, this month marks a turning point in which new direction you will decide to embark on.

There is also high traveling energy. For some, this means taking vacation and exploring a new destination. You could be traveling to a new country, or simply to a new restaurant that you’ve never tried before. Travel does not always have to be physical, but in a spiritual sense. You could be having lucid dreams and traveling to new places in your sleep, experiencing astral projection. Perhaps emotionally — you’re trying to open up more, heal childhood trauma, or fix unhealthy patterns. Whether physically, spiritually, or emotionally — you are fixated on moving from point A to point B.

As the lower numbers represent simplicity, and the greater numbers come with more complexity, the number 9 cycles back around. It’s old and wise, it has experienced a lot, but it’s ready to turn back to basics. October will bring us back to 1, which means a brand new beginning — actually even more intense than January energy. So it’s time to wrap up projects and look back on the past with a critical eye.


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