New moon in Scorpio (Nov 4, 2021)

This new moon is particularly significant because it precedes the partial lunar eclipse, happening in Taurus on the 19th. Partial lunar eclipses bring deep change and chaos within our personal relationships and inner worlds. As Scorpio and Taurus tug each other back and forth, we are divided between the complex and the simple, the spiritual and the material, the disturbance and the comfort.

New moons bring change, and Scorpio represents rebirth — so you can certainly expect deep transformation that is long-lasting. This is also highly introspective, reclusive, and rebellious energy. Use this time for solitude, journaling, and divination. Intuition is heightened.

Tell me, what do you truly want? What is it that you desire — that goes against societal norms? What is it that you crave — that is considered taboo? Write down your innermost fantasies on a piece of paper. This is one of the few chances you have to be radically honest with yourself.

  • Aries: Changing the way you influence others, an increase in power.
  • Taurus: A new commitment — deepening bond with friend, lover, or business partner.
  • Gemini: Switching up your health routine — new diet, or workout routine, or wellness habits.
  • Cancer: Inner child healing, childhood wounds come back to the surface. For some, a new child in your life.
  • Leo: A new home, or change in the family, or establishing a new routine for yourself.
  • Virgo: Someone tells you a secret, or you feel the need to confess something. A creative burst.
  • Libra: Donating or selling belongings, or setting up a new budget plan for yourself.
  • Scorpio: Great luck and fortune, huge life change, a brand new chapter.
  • Sagittarius: Saying goodbye to someone important, craving me-time, exploring your dreams.
  • Capricorn: Making a new friend, or making a serious investment in your future.
  • Aquarius: A new job or promotion, or changing your appearance or self-image.
  • Pisces: Uncovering suppressed memories, planning a future vacation or setting goals.


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