Leo — March 2021

Leo, this month starts off with Mars entering your 11th house on March 5th. This placement could lead to conflict and arguments with friends or colleagues. On the positive side, this could also indicate more proactiveness in friendship — taking the initiative to hang out with others, coming together to play a team sport, orContinue reading “Leo — March 2021”

Cancer — March 2021

Cancer, the month begins with Mars entering your 12th house on March 5th, motivating you to pursue more spiritual goals rather than material or superficial. Alongside, you’re going to become more secretive with your pursuits. Expect a lot of sensual fantasies to run through your head. You could experience some energy depletion so it wouldContinue reading “Cancer — March 2021”

Gemini — March 2021

Gemini, this month starts off with Mars entering your sign on the 5th. Expect a boost of energy and greater motivation to go after what you want. When someone gives you a problem, you’ll be sure to stand your ground. If you’re a man, you’ll be feeling much more in touch with your masculine side.Continue reading “Gemini — March 2021”

Taurus — March 2021

Taurus, money is on your mind at the start of March, with Mars entering your second house on the 5th. You will be feeling more motivated to earn more, put in overtime at work, and buy more, too. Watch out for overspending! Halfway through March, Mercury enters your 11th house, provoking conversation with friends. Don’tContinue reading “Taurus — March 2021”

Aries — March 2021

Aries, the start of the month may begin with conflict as drama-feuled Mars enters your 3rd house of communication. There could be a confrontation with a family member, friend, or co-worker. You can harness this fiery energy in a positive way by expressing yourself through action rather than words. Resist the urge to get involvedContinue reading “Aries — March 2021”

Horoscope: Week of Feb 21-27

The week starts out with the 2nd quarter moon shifting into Cancer on Sunday night. Through Monday and Tuesday, emotions are heightened and your focus will be fixated on your home life, possibly motherhood or a maternal figure. Wednesday and Thursday, the moon is in Leo, provoking self-expression and confidence. On Thursday, Venus enters Pisces,Continue reading “Horoscope: Week of Feb 21-27”

Horoscope: Week of 2/14-2/21

The week begins with a 1st quarter moon in Aries, indicating a fresh new start and feelings of readiness to take on a new venture and challenge yourself. Wednesday and Thursday, with the moon in Taurus, brings about feelings of warmth, coziness, and possibly stubbornness. Thursday marks the start of Pisces season! As Aquarius seasonContinue reading “Horoscope: Week of 2/14-2/21”

Horoscope: Week of 2/7–2/13

The week begins with 4th quarter moon in Capricorn. Sunday through Tuesday are ideal days for finishing up work-related projects. You may want to cancel any social plans and instead, stay home, and be extra productive. The moon shifts to Aquarius on Wednesday, and on Thursday, a new moon. This is a new beginning withContinue reading “Horoscope: Week of 2/7–2/13”

New Moon in Aquarius ~ Feb 11, 2021.

The new moon in Aquarius strikes on February 11th 2021! It’s time to use logic to detach yourself from anything that has been holding you back emotionally. Go deep inside your head to explore your own world as you shut the disappointment out. Time to embrace your uniqueness without judgment. Time to act differently whenContinue reading “New Moon in Aquarius ~ Feb 11, 2021.”

Horoscope: Week of Jan 31-Feb 6, 2021.

Sunday’s 3rd quarter moon in Virgo places focus on your health, hygiene, and attention to detail. It’s a great day for cleaning up your home and taking care of yourself. Monday and Tuesday’s moon is in Libra, promoting harmony among partnerships. On Monday, Venus enters Aquarius. This will make you rethink your partnerships, both ofContinue reading “Horoscope: Week of Jan 31-Feb 6, 2021.”