Sprays & body oils

About the process

Sprays and oils are made by pouring a base into a bottle and then adding a mix of essential oil droplets. Sprays are used with distilled water, body oils are used with coconut oil. I personally choose scents that are related to the god or goddess I am dedicating this to, as well as their associations that I am choosing to highlight.

I start off with including the four elements in my practice — fire (a lit candle), earth (crystals and stones), air, and water. I call upon the specific god or goddess. And then I go ahead and combine my ingredients in a clean spray bottle.

Use, safety, and precautions

Spray can be used on skin, clothing, objects, furniture, or in the air. Body oil can be sprayed directly on skin and then thoroughly massaged. Less is more — only 1-3 sprays required to work the magic.

The essential oils in the sprays and body oils are diluted at less than 2%, which is the recommended amount for this type of product.

EXTERNAL USE ONLY!!! Do NOT spray on children or pets! Do not spray yourself in eyes, mucous membranes, or other sensitive areas. If using while outdoors, avoid areas of body that will have great sun exposure.

Do not use if allergic or sensitive to ingredients.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: *All claims are made for entertainment purposes only. I promise no spiritual or medicinal outcome.* This product is not approved by FDA. It is not intended to cure or prevent disease.

If stored in a dark, cool place, may last up to 5-10 years.

Sprays & body oils

  • Goddess Isis — High Priestess
  • Venus-Aphrodite — Beauty spray
  • Mars (God of war) — Victory
  • Lord Ganesha — Good luck
  • Goddess Parvati — Devotional wife (COMING SOON)
  • Isis-Aphrodite — Love magic (COMING SOON)

Goddess Isis — High Priestess

Goddess Isis had a dedicated following in Ancient Egypt, which also spread to Ancient Greece. Called “Goddess of ten thousand names,” Isis corresponds with love, power, beauty, motherhood, fertility, devotion, ambition, magic, and so much more.

The lotus flower is sacred to Isis, as well as many other goddesses.  Frankincense and myrrh, most popular scents from Ancient Egypt, are known for their protection abilities.

These ingredients, combined with the call of Isis, is for those who are seeking a safe, spiritual awakening.

It is recommended to use spray during prayer, ritual, or religious ceremony. Call upon Isis and welcome her healing powers.

Scents: lotus, frankincense, myrrh.

Venus-Aphrodite — Beauty Spell

Venus (Roman) or Aphrodite (Greek) is known as the goddess of love, romance, and beauty.

Jasmine corresponds with increased desire and passion, while vanilla is believed to promote attraction, and apple is associated with seduction.

These ingredients, along with the help of Venus-Aphrodite, allows you to increase your attraction powers effortlessly, boost your feminine traits, and bring more sensuality into your life.

For best results, before use, call upon Venus-Aphrodite. Focus on your most beautiful traits (inside and out) and visualize a love interest coming towards you.

Scents: jasmine, vanilla, apple.

Mars (God of war) — Victory

Mars, the Roman god of war (or Aries, the Greek version) is associated with strength, action, and bravery. He is known for being competitive, aggressive, and confident.

Bay leaf, or laurel crowns, were traditionally given to winners. Cedar wood is associated with masculinity. Orange is a stimulating scent.

These ingredients, alongside God Mars, are for those who are seeking to take action, win a competition, increase physical stamina, or gain perseverance.

For best results, before use, pray to Mars, the God of war and request that he grants you victory. Visualize yourself winning your battles and feeling triumphant.

Scents: bay leaf (laurel), cedar wood, orange.

Lord Ganesha — Good luck

Lord Ganesha (Ganesh) is the Hindu god, with an elephant-face, who symbolizes moving beyond obstacles. He is the golden child, the lucky boy, the chosen one.

Eucalyptus, frankincense, and tea tree oils are associated with abundance, protection, and success.

These ingredients, combined with Lord Ganesha’s power, correspond with  financial and material gain, prosperity, wealth, and fortune.

For best results, before use, pray to Lord Ganesha and thank him for the stroke of good luck he is about to send your way. Set your intention on what you would like to gain. Visualize yourself being gifted.

Scents: Eucalyptus, frankincense, tea tree oil

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