About the process

Tinctures are made using specific herbs and/or flowers, soaked in vodka for at least six weeks, and then individually bottled. I personally choose ingredients that are related to the god or goddess I am dedicating this to, as well as their associations that I am choosing to highlight.

I start off with including the four elements in my practice — fire (a lit candle), earth (crystals and stones), air, and water. I call upon the specific god or goddess. And then I go ahead and combine my ingredients in a clean mason jar. Storing the jar in a dark place for over six weeks, I then strain the herbs/flowers and individually bottle the remaining liquid.

Use, safety, and precautions

Each tincture comes with its own, unique purpose. Suggested use is written on every bottle. Most tinctures can be used any time of day, although some may work best right before sleep or meditation, while others may be useful for creative work, or to ease physical ailments. It is best to start out with 1-3 drops as a tester, to see how you feel. Once comfortable, you may gradually increase the dosage. It is advised to dose yourself no more than 30 drops, no more than 3 times a day. If you use tincture for 30 days straight, it is advised to take a small break before continuing use. You can put the drops straight in your mouth (underneath tongue recommended) OR in a drink.

Educate yourself on the ingredients to decide if the product is right for you. Be aware of any possible allergies or sensitivities. Do your own research. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Product contains 80 proof vodka.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: *All claims are made for entertainment purposes only. I promise no spiritual or medicinal outcome.* Please consult your doctor and be aware of any medication interaction. This product is not approved by FDA. It is not intended to cure or prevent disease.

If stored in a dark, cool place, tincture may last up to 5-10 years.


  • Goddess Isis (Divine love)
  • Lord Shiva (Anti-anxiety) COMING SOON
  • Lord Osiris (Halloween) COMING SOON
  • Goddess Bastet (cat magic) COMING SOON
  • Goddess Kali (PMS relief) COMING SOON

Goddess Isis tincture (Divine Love Potion)

Goddess Isis is the ancient Egyptian goddess of love, motherhood, fertility, magic, and power.

The lotus flower is strongly connected to Goddess Isis and ancient Egyptian magic. It has a history of use in both religious and recreational settings. Roses are strongly associated with love and romance.

With the assistance of Goddess Isis and her sacred flowers, use this potion to allow unconditional love into your life — both self-love and the attraction of your soulmate or twin flame. For best results, pray to Isis and state your intention prior to consumption.

Ingredients: organic blue lotus, organic pink lotus, organic roses.

Suggested use: Begin with 1 drop to test, depending on weight and sensitivity. Best used before sleep or meditation.

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