Week of Nov. 29 — Dec 6, 2020

This week is going to be lively and full of a lot of emotion and change. Monday brings us a full moon in Gemini. There will be a lot of communication and a shift in perspective. Someone may tell you something that changes everything or forces you to look at things differently. This is a powerful day to pray out loud or repeat manifestation chants, as your words are carrying a lot of weight.

Tuesday brings us the start of a new month, December, the 12th and final month of the year. 12 is a powerful number, even more so than the intensely strong 11. It’s a time of pause and reflection, reassessment of trial and errors, and wrapping up loose ends. 1 + 2 =3, and the number 3 promotes a childlike sense of imagination and creativity. This is a great time to explore your dreams and determine what’s truly in your heart before deciding to take any action in the new year.

Also on Tuesday, Mercury enters Sagittarius. During this phase, communication will be goal-oriented and exciting. This is a great time to converse with someone about future plans. The 3rd quarter moon in Cancer midweek has us focused on forgiveness, especially towards family or caretaker figures. This weekend, with the moon in Leo, you’ll be focused on self-love and self-care — a great time to reward yourself for a hectic week.


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