Tarotscope for the week of Dec. 6-12, 2020

Great risk can bring great reward

Sunday begins on a positive note, a time of fun and relaxation, maybe catching up with old friends, treating yourself to a drink (or two.) Monday has many of us feeling guarded, like you just can’t trust anyone. Tuesday brings a brand new, major beginning! This is a great day to take a risk, go exploring on a new venture, and put yourself out there. This will be the most significant day of the week. Wednesday and Thursday, money will be on your mind. On Wednesday you may be prone to overspending and regretting it by Thursday — or overextending yourself emotionally to others just to feel drained. On the contrary, some of you will be feeling very generous like you have a lot to give, and happy about helping others — so just be aware of your resources (both physically and mentally/spiritually) before you reach out. Friday has us feeling emotionally restless. For many of you, an opportunity will come to you on Friday and you’ll be eager to take it. On Saturday, expect some type of wish fulfillment! (Just don’t get cocky about it!)

(Cards read from left to right, starting with three of cups and ending with nine of cups.)


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