Taurus — March 2021

Taurus, money is on your mind at the start of March, with Mars entering your second house on the 5th. You will be feeling more motivated to earn more, put in overtime at work, and buy more, too. Watch out for overspending!

Halfway through March, Mercury enters your 11th house, provoking conversation with friends. Don’t be surprised if you receive a surplus of text messages or notifications. You’ll be feeling more outgoing and talkative, even those of you on the introverted side. Also during this time is a new moon in Aries, causing you to look backwards for a moment and reevaluate what changes must be made in order to move forward.

The second half of March for you is about heaviness and maturity. The sun enters Aries on the 21st, falling in your 12th house. During Aries season, you may be feeling a bit lethargic until the start of Taurus season sparks renewal. Use this time to recharge your batteries, spend time alone, and do some deep reflecting on what the past twelve months have taught you.

On the 22nd, Venus also enters Aries, your 12th house. If you’re coupled up, your relationship has the potential to become much more deeper. And if you’re single, you may be seeking a serious commitment at this time, rather than a short fling. The full moon in Libra on the 28th falls in your 6th house, meaning that your attention will be strongly fixated on health, career, and responsibilities. Don’t work yourself too hard, but be mindful and cautious about your decisions.


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