Virgo — March 2021

Virgo, you enter this month with Mars lighting up your 10th house on March 5th. There could be a lot of drama and conflict at work among co-workers. On the positive side, this is indicative of trying harder at work and putting more effort into your career. Expect to feel more competitive against colleagues, fighting harder to get that promotion or special recognition.

In the middle of March, the new moon in Aries falls within your 8th house. The 14th will be a very intense day for you. Some of you could be getting into bed with someone new, or receive a surplus of money, or have a deep revelation around this time. You’ll also be dealing with Mercury entering your 7th house. This means that you’ll become extra communicative with your lover, a business partner, or those with equal status to you. It’s also likely that the topic of marriage will be spoken about. This is a very harmonious placement.

Aries season begins on the 21st, with the sun in your 8th house. The next four weeks will bring you intense change. You will find yourself becoming more engrossed with mysteries and may even play some detective work. It’s an abundant time for earning money, too. All that effort you put into your career at the start of the month should earn you great results by now.

Venus enters your 8th house as well, on the 22nd. Your love life is about to get much more dramatic. Your relationship status will likely change, whether from single to dating, dating to engaged, or from taken to single. While breaking up is possible, it’s much more likely that your already established relationship will grow deeper and more committed, for those who are taken.

Finally the month wraps up with a full moon in Libra on the 28th. With the moon in your 2nd house, there will be a focus on resources and possessions. You’ll be tempted to spend all that cash you’ve worked your butt off for. Go ahead Virgo, treat yourself!


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