Horoscope: Week of Dec. 13-19, 2020.


Hopefully you used last week’s quiet energy to rest up, because this week is going to be quite exhausting. LOTS of major shifts and transitions going on! Your head will be spinning!

The week brings many new beginnings. If you’ve been feeling stiff and stuck for quite a while, things should be picking up for you within the next few days. You’ll be working very hard this week while also thinking a lot about relationships, community projects, and inner healing. While sudden change may not happen for you right away, most certainly you’ll be planting new seeds and watching projects begin to take off. Your past may have been haunting you for quite a while, but all this new energy will have you completely fixated on your future.

Astrological happenings:

The new moon in Sagittarius comes on Monday, December 14th. It’s time to embark upon a new adventure. Use this energy to think about what direction you’d like to take in life. Take a leap of faith. Try doing things differently. Follow your passion with hope and optimism.

With the 1st quarter moon in Capricorn midweek, you’ll be focused on hard work, tradition, and logical matters. It’s an ideal time to take practical steps towards your goals — especially regarding money and career.

On Tuesday, Venus transitions from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Love matters shift from a feeling of heaviness to faithful optimism. Relationships with loved ones are fiery and goal-oriented. During this time, you could deeply bond with a team or partnership that is focused on achieving a specific goal. You will be feeling more adventurous within your love-life, willing to take more risks with one another.

Also on Tuesday, Chiron goes direct — Chiron is an asteroid that represents internal wounds and healing. Chiron went retrograde in early July, causing us to feel extra sensitive and take a deeper look at the things that hurt us, reexamining past failures and disappointments. Now turning direct, you can expect a faster healing rate, and a better ability to move on from previous painful experiences.

The moon is in Aquarius on Thursday and Friday — lots of Aquarius energy going on towards the end of the week. Aquarius energy is weird, unique, and misunderstood, but also represents community and togetherness — it’s all about accepting one another’s differences in order to coexist.

On Thursday, Saturn enters Aquarius. You’ll be thinking hard about future commitments. Now is the time to invest! We also have Jupiter entering Aquarius on Saturday, putting an emphasis on rebellion. Good luck is now manifested when you think outside the box.

The weekend wraps up with the moon entering Pisces, bringing us the peaceful energy we’ll be craving after such a hectic week. Use this time to dream, meditate, and journal. Reflect on all the changes you experienced this week.


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