Tarot: Week of Dec. 13-19, 2020.

Be patient — Moving forward or going backwards?

Sunday brings more structure and self-discipline into your life, motivating you to work hard on important projects. Some of you will be receiving orders from authority figures. For those of you who attend religious Sunday service, pay a lot of attention to what your priest/etc. has to say. Some of you will be working diligently on school projects or anything else regarding education. Monday has you continuing to seek more information. Watch out for thieves or nosey people poking into your business. Tuesday is a great day for money! This could be the start of a long-lasting venture — just know that it’s going to take a long time before you actually see results. Wednesday could have you feeling uninspired — perhaps overly anxious about new seeds you’ve planted — again, you’ll have to be patient. On Thursday, you may have to deal with someone from your past. And most of you are reluctant about giving second chances, as you’re more focused on new beginnings this week. Friday brings confusion about a choice you need to make — bouncing back and forth between the head and the heart. On Saturday, some of you will finally receive what you’ve been waiting for while others will be thinking about giving up if you haven’t got what you wanted by now.


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