Pet Horoscopes — March 2021

Welcome to “pet horoscopes!” If you have a dog, cat, rodent, reptile, or any other animal, check out their horoscope to see what’s in store for them this month. By looking at your pet’s birthday, determine their sun sign. Remember to look at your PET’S sun sign, not your own! If you don’t know your pet’s birthday, you can look up descriptions of the zodiac and figure out which personality traits best resemble your pet’s!


At the start of March, your pet may be feeling extra aggressive and prone to frustration! Play-time could get a little feistier than usual. If your pet is very vocal, they may be acting unusually quiet during mid-March. But don’t worry too much, because they’re going to totally bounce back by the third week. After giving you some sass earlier in the month, they’ll be sure to make up for it with extra kisses and snuggles by the end.


Investing in a new toy for your pet at the start of the month will bring them great joy. Mid-month, your pet will be very vocal and eager for your attention. For the second half of the month, you may notice your pet slowing down and taking more naps — let them rest. At the end of the month, pay extra attention to your pet’s health — feed them vitamins, give them a bath, brush their fur, or anything else along those lines.


You will notice your pet become more active, energized, and possessive over you this month. Mid-March brings the possibility of new friends — whether it’s your dog meeting other dogs at a park, or your cat getting along with a guest in your home. By the end of March, your pet will be acting super silly, like it’s a child again!


This month, you’ll notice your pet acting more on the serious side — extra concerned with protecting you or looking out for pests. Your pet really wants to make you proud this month, so be sure to throw in a lot of “good girl” or “good boy” validations to show your appreciation. You will find yourself realizing that your pet is more than a loyal companion, but a spiritual teacher as well.


Your pet will seriously benefit by playing with other animals or people at the start of March. Play-fighting is fine, but keep an eye out to make sure they don’t become overly aggressive! Your pet may grow prone to boredom by the end of the month, so take it out on a walk — somewhere new. It’s also a great time to teach your pet new tricks.


Your pet is extra eager for your attention this month — show them some love or else they could act out in aggressive ways. It’s also important during March that you show your pet that they are truly part of the family. If you haven’t already, give them a permanent space in your home where they can sleep, play, or eat — something that assures their safety and belonging to you. Buying them a new toy during the last week of March will assure good behavior.


Consider teaching your pet something new at the start of the month, as they are sure to catch on quickly. Mid-March, watch your pet closely — are they sneezing or vomiting, eating differently, sleeping more often, etc? Check their stools too and watch out for any accidents. If your pet has been having any health issues, this is the time when they’re most likely to show it. By the end of March, your pet will be acting happier, calmer, and better behaved than usual — enjoy it!


Wow, your pet really wants to make you proud this month! You’ll observe it being extra clean, less vocal and whiny, and staying out of trouble. Mid-month, your pet really wants to play with you — break out the chew toys, tunnels, or catnip. At the end of March, your pet may suddenly become seclusive, so don’t be alarmed if you find it sleeping more often.


In March, your pet is feeling super passionate about your bond together. If its been lacking attention, it could act out in dangerous and aggressive ways. But if its happy with your dynamic, you’ll find your pet smothering you with kisses, cuddles, and excessive barks/meows/chirps/etc. Return the love by scheduling in more play-time, your pet will seriously appreciate it!


It’s very likely that your pet will experience changes in its home this month — perhaps moving homes, the addition of a new pet or human, or moving furniture around. Make sure your pet is comfortable with this change. Also this month, you’ll notice your pet being super vocal. However your pet is feeling — happy, sad, hungry, bored, scared — you’ll be sure to easily pick up on this through body language.


Your pet is feeling extra bored and restless this month. No worries, as mid-March’s new moon is sure to bring about changes that will keep your pet stimulated. Think about gifting your pet with a new toy around this time. At this end of March, it’s very important that you communicate to your pet how much you love it — with cuddles, kisses, gifts — say “I love you,” and it will totally understand.


If you usually take your pet out, such as the dog park or road trips, try staying in more during March. Your pet really wants to stay home at this time. Set up an at-home obstacle course or playroom, and your pet will be totally ecstatic! Rather than buying new toys, rummage through your closet of old toys and bring them back out — that sense of familiarity is important for them right now. Too much novelty will cause overstimulation and aggressive behavior. The end of March brings intense change for your pet’s life, so use those prior weeks to keep them grounded.


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