New Moon 4/11 Tarot Report

Today is a new moon — marking a brand new chapter for all of us! In astrology, this new moon is happening in the zodiac of Aries, marking not just the start of a new moon cycle, but the start of a new year-long zodiac cycle. And if you have Aries prominent in your birth chart, this adds even extra oomph to this novel energy. In numerology, looking at the date “411” tells us to have patience, similarly to the number “4” as represented by the month of April. This message is more important now than ever, because with new beginnings comes nothing. If you feel that you have absolutely nothing, remind yourself that this is only the very beginning of your new chapter.

Moving onto the tarot reading…

Pick a card!

  • 1) Dalmation jasper
  • 2) Clear quartz
  • 3) Hematite
  • 4) Obsidian

Message below…

1) Dalmation jasper

  • Homemade oracle: Work on your goals, visions, dreams, and manifestation.
  • Moon cards: Blue moon — believe in the impossible, New moon in Taurus — prosperity lies ahead, Mutable moon — nothing is yet set in stone.
  • Shadows & light oracle: Fairy of the Highlands – it’s time to be brave; Autumn is my last chance — please don’t lose hope!; shallow grave — you miss someone.
  • Tarot: knight of swords, two of wands, king of wands reverse, page of cups, four of pentacles reverse, five of swords reverse.

This moon cycle, you are being advised to pay close attention to your inner desires, and actively work on them in order to make them come true. Make a dream board, do journaling, create an action plan. It really doesn’t matter how outlandish you believe your dreams are, anything can happen if you set your mind to it. These dreams you have need to be worked on and tended to, they won’t just magically happen, but with enough faith you can move mountains. Whatever these goals are, they are bound to bring abundance. For many of you, this is going to make you richer, more money or more gifts. At the same time, it will also bring spiritual abundance, emotional fulfillment, a strong sense of satisfaction. The next new moon in four weeks is happening in Taurus, so this can also be a signal that you will see at least some type of progress by that point, and you’ll see it on the physical level.

You are also being called to be brave, especially these next few weeks. Don’t be scared to communicate and share your ideas. As just mentioned, manifesting requires both inner faith and outwards action, be sure that you have both of these. It’s very important that you take these steps before autumn comes. This spring and summer is the best time to make something happen, otherwise an opportunity may fall through. If you continue on this path, I see that you will make far strides towards your goals before autumn time. I feel that in this current moment, you are seriously struggling to keep hope. There is a lot of distance between you and a loved one, you could have lost someone recently, or had a falling out. Your sadness about this situation is a great factor in what’s holding you back from achieving. Spirit is telling you to keep your faith.

I don’t think anything extremely major will happen to you this moon cycle, and that’s only because you are merely taking those first steps upon a very long road. Please just give it more time. I see you venturing forward, having so much determination that you end up losing your patience. There could be people in your life causing drama, conflict, and pettiness. But I see you trying to avoid these distractions, and focusing hard on your goals. You’re thinking so much about the future, and you’re dying to rush ahead, faster than possible. And again, you can certainly make this happen, it’s just going to take some time. Alongside, you also have a secret admirer coming in, I feel that they are trying to get your attention because they see that you are so wrapped up in your goals that you can’t see them. There’s a potential future with this person, but for now this is just flirting.

2) Clear quartz

  • Homemade oracle: pat attention to your body…
  • Moon cards: New moon in Aquarius — bring love into the situation, waxing crescent moon — have faith in your dreams, cardinal moon — be bold and make the first move.
  • Shadows and light oracle: snow angel — the signs are with you already!; voodoo in blue — back off!; out trick-or-treating — we’re hee-eeere!
  • Tarot: three of pentacles reverse, three of wands, ten of wands, queen of wands reverse, ten of pentacles reverse, four of swords reverse.

This moon cycle, take the time to get back in touch with your body. Otherwise, you could get sick. Pay attention to what you’re eating, your medications, your alcohol intake. Nourish your skin and sore muscles with lotion and balms. Do some stretching and working out. I feel that you have been avoiding your body, you’ve been feeling uncomfortable in your body, so you’re doing things that get you “more in your head” so that way you can forget what your body is feeling. I feel that things a little quieter for you right now, that you are advised to break out of your shell without pushing yourself too hard. Take those first steps with hope and positivity. Nothing will manifest right away, but by sending out love and braveness into the world, it will come back to you.

The shadows & light oracle cards I pulled for you are actually kind of funny and made me giggle. I feel that you have a guardian angel, or someone close to you who passed away recently, looking out for you, but also has a lot of attitude. I feel that your intuition has been sending you a strong message, through your body, and you continue to ignore it. There’s many dark (but benevolent) spirits surrounding you now, and they’re trying to help you, but you may not be letting them. You have to be careful about letting pride and fear get in the way of your desires. You should really explore the darkness inside of you and see what you can find.

You could be facing drama at work, or within some type of team or community, or with your family. There’s a lot of stubborn minds here that are clashing. You may be anxious to lose your temper, or forced to face someone else’s temper. There’s going to be a breaking point within this moon cycle, I see you finally beginning to receive something you have been waiting for. After a lot of thought, there may be something you choose to leave behind, in order to welcome something is.

3) Hematite

  • Homemade oracle: Take action, take control
  • Moon cards: third quarter moon — adjustments required; first quarter moon — your commitment is being tested; balsamic moon — a time for healing.
  • Shadows & light oracle: three witchy sisters — the power of three; candy cane angel — it’s time for a treat!; angel of alchemy — miracle.
  • Tarot: Death, the sun reverse, the world, king of wands, king of cups reverse, knight of cups reverse.

There’s something you need to do this moon cycle. If you’ve been living on autopilot recently, you are being called now to make a conscious shift. There is a significant change headed your way, but I feel that this change is within your control, and it’s something you are going to consciously choose. I don’t see you giving up on something, but completely changing the way you go about it, in order to find a better result. There’s a lot of healing you must address, in order to do so, you have to decide to work on yourself and help yourself rather than wait for anyone else to do it for you, because they can’t.

I feel that you have been doing something over and over, and it seems like it hasn’t gotten you that far. And it’s not that you’re going to give up on this, but that you will decide to do it differently. Something very miraculous can happen to you in these next four weeks. I feel that you’re going to be rewarded for you efforts very soon, if you allow yourself to accept this offer.

This is a really huge, life-changing shift happening for you. You’re taking control and not letting disheartening emotions get in the way. This is the end of a huge life-cycle for you. I feel that you are stepping into a more serious phase of your life and letting go of childish ways. Some of you are literally taking on a boss position at your job, but for many of you this is about being your own boss and disciplining yourself. You could be dealing with multiple masculine energies, one who is very upset with you, and other who wants to move forward with you or do business with you. You are advised to stay away from anyone who makes false promises or stirs up your emotions, instead go towards someone who is reliable and who you can count on.

4) Obsidian

  • Homemade oracle: a brand new chapter!
  • Moon cards: full moon in Leo — don’t let pride get in the way, new moon in Aries — it’s time to take action; full moon in Gemini — the answers you need are coming.
  • Shadows & light oracle: lady with a Bosch egg — ancient wisdom; two little witches — magickal space-clearing time; Nautilus princess — powerful personal growth.
  • Tarot: ace of cups, ten of wands, seven of pentacles, five of cups, ace of wands reverse, judgement.

The new moon sparks a new beginning for everyone, but most especially you, if you don’t already have Aries in your chart. The full moon in two weeks will serve to be the most vital time in this cycle. You’ve been very prideful recently and have expected everything to come towards you without working for it, but now I see you setting that aside and taking action. You could be dealing with someone who has Leo, Aries, or Gemini in their chart.

There’s a lot of junk you need to clear out, both on a physical and spiritual level. These next few weeks will bring more tidying up and organization in your home and work life. A burst of wisdom will come to you and show you what you need to work on about yourself. Overall you are really getting involved in self-care and self-improvement. I feel that you have grown distant with someone, and you are trying to better yourself now because of this.

There is definitely someone from your past who has been really missing you. They could have tried to avoid this pain by overworking themselves and trying to distract themselves, but they struggle fighting this. Someone is coming in with an emotional offer for a second chance. It’s just very exhausting to keep this connection alive because it requires so much work and effort, there’s a lack of inspiration and motivation. You’ve been dedicating yourself to being a better person, and they see this. You’re really tired but you continue to persevere. You’re focusing on self-love and hoping for a redemption from the universe.


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