Horoscope for October 2021

General collective predictions:

October 2021 brings intense new beginnings, forward movement, grand abundance, and major blessings. First, on a numerology aspect, October is represented by “10” — with “1” representing a fresh start, and “0” amplifying that energy. And then, looking at the stars — we see four planets turning direct, a full moon in the first zodiac sign of Aries, Venus activating goal-achieving Sagittarius, and the sun moving into destructive Scorpio.

We are still in the midst of Mercury retrograde as we enter October — the return of people from our past who we thought we’d never see again, miscommunication and struggling to see eye-to-eye with others, and loads of technological breakdowns. But rest assured that all of this backwards energy comes to a close by the 18th, in which three of the other planets have also came out of retrograde at this point.

The new moon in Libra falls upon the 6th, opening our hearts towards justice and balance. It’s the start of a new journey for everyone, very possibly a new relationship. You are feeling most attracted towards the one who treats you most fairly.

Also on the 6th, Pluto turns direct. Pluto is nicknamed the “underdog” planet, whose grand power is overly underestimated. Combined with the justice-seeking energy of Libra, this perfect alignment allows karma to take its course, for authority figures to lose their power, for the defeated to finally win, for those who are overlooked to step into the spotlight. Secrets may be split as the truth comes to light. There will be great transformation, a turning of tables.

The next day, Venus enters Sagittarius. This is sure to bring great forward movement in your love life. You are feeling motivated to move your partnership into uncharted territories. You’re striving hard towards those relationship goals of yours.

On the 10th, with Saturn turning direct, you will be feeling even more motivated to achieve your desires. Your self-discipline and sense of control is high. A week later, both Jupiter and Mercury turn direct as well. Jupiter will bring grand blessings and lots of luck. And then, Mercury going direct will bring successful communication — possibly an important conversation, an influential social media post, or a new friend.

The 20th brings us a full moon in Aries, highlighting new beginnings. This youthful, innocent, and playful energy is ideal for getting in touch with your inner child and trying something new. Your confidence is high enough so that the thought of failure will not stop you from taking a chance and knowing you tried your best.

Finally, we begin Scorpio season on the 23rd. As we let go of balanced Libra season, the sun in Scorpio is here to reinforce all of the changes that October has brought — if you have not already felt it by now. Time to walk into the unknown and dive deep into the mysterious. A sense of heaviness and darkness arrives. Things are about to get much more intense. On top of that, passionate Mars enters Scorpio on the 30th, igniting this intensity even further!


Stepping into October, comes the emergence of a new relationship — either a romance or a business partnership. When it comes to emotional satisfaction, you’re craving commitment and stability. As Pluto goes direct, your workplace or career path is going through major destruction and rebirth. There could be many changes happening at your job, plus a power-surge in your status of authority. For some, a secret of yours could be revealed, causing your reputation to be changed completely.

Your love life is ascending to a higher plane. Singles are attracting a partner who is looking for serious commitment. Couples may become engaged, or take some kind of step that progresses the relationship. Some of you may be traveling on a romantic getaway.

Mid-month, with Saturn turning direct, you find yourself gravitating towards groups and communities that encourage you to make healthy choices and resist temptation. Those in school could be joining a study group, while others could be joining some type of educational class. Your self-discipline improves when you surround yourself with positive influences.

Jupiter going direct equals major blessings. You may gain a lot of popularity among your friends, or perhaps a whole new social circle! Having a support system is important for you right now. Be social, as it is likely that someone you know will grant you a wonderful favor. And then with Mercury turning direct, there will be a significant conversation about responsibility.

The 20th welcomes a full moon in YOUR sign of Aries! This is sure to be a fortunate day for you. People are seriously paying attention to you right now and admiring your hard efforts. Concluding with the sun and Mars entering Scorpio, you will see how certain things must fall apart in order for better things to come together. You’re motivated towards digging into mysteries and conspiracies. Money is looking good. You and your lover are feeling extra passionate towards one another, and connecting deeper than ever.


There’s a change among your friendship circle or inner community. You could be making a new friend, getting a new neighbor, or having a new member join your team. There is so much change going on with the influence of Pluto turning direct on the 6th. You could be exploring a brand new destination, or making plans to travel the world. You’re ready to take a risk, and craving a totally different type of environment.

Your love life is feeling much more intense, as it’s transforming completely. There is some type of deep change within your relationship. You’re seeing a whole different side to your lover — depth, passion, and power.

Mid-month, with Saturn going direct in your 10th house, blockages you’ve been facing at work are suddenly removed. If you’ve been lacking discipline and motivation lately in your career path, you will suddenly find yourself encouraged to take your job more seriously and climb that latter with ease. People are noticing your strength; some may even be talking about how surprised they are by your recent success.

And then with lucky Jupiter going direct, also in your 10th house, there could very well be a sudden pay raise, bonus, or promotion. Your co-workers are impressed.

After a few painful weeks of Mercury retrograde, perhaps you’ve had an old friend come back to you, or you’ve been dealing with a lot of miscommunication — alas, it finally ends on the 18th. You may have been facing some setbacks and confusion in your health, but now you are able to successfully listen to your body. Those aches and pains you’ve been dealing with have been important messages that your body has been trying to tell you, and now you finally understand.

With the full moon in Aries on the 20th, you’re feeling a bit more introspective than everyone else. Secrets could be spilled around this day. At last, we welcome Scorpio season, followed by Mars joining along in your 7th house. By the end of October, you are taking your relationships much more seriously than usual. If you’re in a relationship, you two are highly committed to one another. If you’re in a business partnership, you could make some type of deal that causes money to pour in like crazy!


You could be experiencing a change among children — Gemini parents may be having another baby, or watching their children grow up and transform into someone new. The new moon on the 6th is a great day for you to stay home and make art — let those creative juices flow!

With Pluto turning direct, expect some unexpected change that will shake up every area of your life! It’s time for you to embrace your power and stand your ground! You may be feeling out of control during the first week or so of October — just remember that you are stronger than you realize.

If you’ve been single for a while, the chance for deep commitment is coming your way. Those who are already coupled up are feeling very focused on their partner — a proposal, or a step forward, is likely. And then, as Saturn goes direct on the 10th, you’re feeling inspired to push yourself like never before. You could find yourself exploring new health routines, or developing habits that improve your finances. Some of you are going on school-related or work-related travels.

Whether you’ve been thinking about traveling for business or simply just for pleasure, Jupiter’s forward movement on the 18th encourages you to go ahead. On vacation, you may stumble across unexpected blessings — such as winning a raffle prize, finding money on the street, or accidentally driving the wrong direction which leads you to a destination far more exciting than your original plans!

Also on the 18th, comes the ending of Mercury retrograde. You’re expressing yourself in a highly imaginative way — some of you are putting on a show, or releasing artwork (perhaps those crafts you were doing during the new moon on the 6th?)

Go out with your friends around the 20th, enjoying that full moon energy. It’s sure to be a wild and adventurous time! Concluding October, you’re taking action towards your health — feeling extra motivated to take care of yourself, keep up good hygiene, and make the effort to practice self-care.


You could be moving homes, switching around roommates, or simply changing your decor. Or, there could be some type of change within your family. Your sense of security is feeling shaky, so take it easy during the new moon on the 6th. On the same day, with Pluto turning direct, some type of legal agreement or contract could randomly break — a lease, a marriage, a job — or perhaps a “spiritual contract” such as a soulmate or twin flame connection. But with the loss of the old, comes welcoming of the new — and you are totally ready for bigger and better things.

Romance collides with health, as Venus visits your 6th house in the beginning of October. You and your sweetie bond over encouraging healthy habits with one another, working out together, and checking in with one another’s mental health.

As Saturn’s retrograde comes to a close, you experience forward movement regarding anything (or anyone) you feel passionate about. Your emotions are intense right now, but you are staying calm, cool, and collected like never before. Your self-discipline gives you power and victory over those who underestimate you.

Around the 18th, the energy grows even more intense, with both Jupiter and Mercury turning direct. You’re taking your goals and desires far more seriously. It’s likely that a large amount of money will simply fall into your lap — it might seem random, but this is directly due to your efforts that have gone unnoticed for too long. There could also be an important conversation regarding your home, your family, or rules.

As the full moon in Aries happens on the 20th, your reputation and career path is being highlighted. People are noticing you, especially your co-workers, and probably gossiping — not necessarily in a negative way. Everyone is impressed with how much you have achieved in the past several weeks.

After a very heavy past few weeks, you actually end the month on a bit of a lighter note. Your imagination is at an all-time high — use this creative streak wisely — to make further strides in your career, or to impress a love interest.


Starting off October, someone could say something to you that changes everything — an important conversation is bound to take place around the 6th. Also on this day, with Pluto turning direct, a sudden change in your health allows you to remove blockages that you have been facing for the past few months.

When it comes to romance, you’re feeling much more playful. You and your partner are being silly and getting creative. If you’re single, you may be playing the field and flirting around. Those of you who are parents, are connecting with your children on a much deeper level, improving your bonds with one another. And some of you may be thinking about having a baby.

Mid-month, after several months of commitment issues, you’re finally ready to establish a serious partnership — whether romantically, or for some type of business deal. Also for the past few months, you may have been feeling like your blessings have been blocked — but that comes to an ending as well. A deep romance or friendship is ready to finally bloom.

On top of that, we are also reaching the end of Mercury retrograde, by the 18th. Again, you have another important conversation coming up — perhaps to fully clarify what was first discussed at the start of the month.

Go explore somewhere new around the 20th — perfect timing for traveling and going beyond your comfort zone. Some of you may be physically going the distance, or you’re pushing mental and emotional limits.

Wrapping up October, dark and mysterious Scorpio season arrives. You’re feeling anxious to make changes in your home, perhaps to move somewhere completely different. Many of you at this time are in a position of high authority, laying down strict rules.


Stepping into a new month, there is a change regarding your resources. Some of you may find that you have been overspending or that you have less money than you realized, or some of you are purposely selling or donating items. You’re focused hard on what you have and who is truly there to support you in times of need.

With Pluto turning direct, there could be a shocking and unexpected change relating to children — perhaps you are having a baby yourself, or hearing about someone else who is pregnant. If you are a parent yourself, it’s likely that one, or maybe all, of your kids will experience a sudden transformation. And for those of you who are child-free, there is a deep surge in creativity that you must harness before it slips away!

Your love life is stabilizing, reaching a point of comfort and security. If you are coupled up, then there may be new rules established in your partnership. You may be spending much more time at home, as it makes you feel cozy and relaxed.

Middle of October, both Saturn and Jupiter are turning direct in your 6th house after a few, long months of retrograde! After a summer of setbacks within your health, or lack of motivation to take care of yourself, you may suddenly find yourself falling into healing and rejuvenating habits with ease. Also, Mercury’s retrograde finishes by the 18th, causing you to think more clearly regarding your spending habits.

The 20th brings a full moon in Aries, lighting up your 8th house of rebirth and transformation. This is sure to be a very intense day for you. You could have a passionate date, or possibly a much-needed boost in your bank account. Wrapping up the month, you’re urging to have an important conversation with someone — be careful about possibly getting into an argument on the 30th.


October starts off with a bang, as the new moon on the 6th happens in your own sign of Libra! This is a great day for quiet reflection — ponder what you have learned this past year, and what you hope the next twelve months will bring you. Also on this day, Pluto turns direct, causing an unpredictable shakeup in your home and family life. Some of you may suddenly be moving homes, or hear shocking news from a close family member.

When it comes to romance, you’re communicating with your partner or love interest beautifully. Self-expression takes priority within your relationships — your lover, your friends, and family. You could find yourself feeling more social and talkative, or in multiple group texts.

Around the second and third week, Saturn and Jupiter finally come out of retrograde. Some of you are deciding to have children, or know of someone close to you who is pregnant. For Libra mothers or fathers, parenting feels more natural than it has been for you over the summer. That creative block you have been plagued with over the past couple months is, at long last, clearing up. This is a great time to work hard on an artistic endeavor, perhaps turn your imaginative skills into a money-making side hustle.

Also nearing towards the end of the month, Mercury retrograde is over. Miscommunications are over, as you’re returning to a greater sense of connection with others. Taking place in your own sign, chances are that Mercury retrograde hit you very hard, with the dramatic return of people you thought you’d never see again, as well as possibly some arguments or bickering. Breathe, because by the 18th, you have officially survived!

Around the 20th’s full moon in Aries, a spotlight is shining on your relationship or business partnership. You’re feeling a strong sense of loyalty and commitment towards one another. For married Libras, go out (or spend a cozy night in) with your spouse and enjoy this blessed energy! And for singles, it’s time to focus on work — go ahead and pitch that idea or make that proposal to your boss.

At last, as we step into Scorpio season, many Libras are thriving in their career and striving towards new financial goals. Things could possibly become quite steamy with a love interest around the 30th.


Spend some time in deep meditation on the 6th, with the full moon happening in your last house. Scorpios, especially the sun signs, are feeling a bit more exhausted in the first half of October. This is a quiet period of reflection. Others will notice you acting more secretive and withdrawn. You have a lot on your mind.

Alongside, the 6th brings your ruling planet Pluto turning direct. There may certainly be an Earth-shattering conversation that changes your mindset completely. Someone could share with you a piece of news that you never saw coming.

Your love life shifts as Venus moves away from your sign of Scorpio, and heads into Sagittarius. During the past few weeks, you learned how to regain your confidence and put yourself first as you entered a brand new phase. Now, the focus shifts towards duality — finding a partner who can complete you. Some of you may receive a gift of adoration — flowers, a present, or a home cooked meal — from your partner or a secret admirer.

Within the second and third weeks, three other major planets are moving direct, coming out of retrograde. As the past few months have brought you a “stuck” energy when it comes to your home and family, this is all finally coming to an end. You’re feeling more motivated to keep the house clean and decorate. You may hear good news about your property. Other Scorpios are making more of an effort to have quality family time. When you set rules for yourself and monitor your daily habits, success will naturally follow.

And with mercury turning direct, you may have a private discussion with someone about a dark secret being brought to light around the 18th.

On the 20th, the full moon in Aries causes you to pay more attention to your health. This is a great day for going to a spa retreat with friends, or attending a stress-reducing yoga workshop. And then, at last, begins Scorpio season on the 23rd — and suddenly your energy rushes back, and you’re feeling ready to conquer the world. Most notably, on the 30th, you’re unstoppable!


The start of October may bring a new friend, or important connection for you. This could be the beginning of a very beautiful relationship! Pluto is finally coming out of retrograde, shaking up unexpected changes in your life. You could receive a random gift or unplanned bonus in your paycheck. You could also find yourself bonding deeply with someone who typically is not your type.

Venus is entering your own sign of Sagittarius, promoting luck and harmony in your romantic endeavors. The past few weeks may have brought some type of ending — saying goodbye to an old friend, or parting ways with a lover. Now that you’ve faced the end, it’s time for an exciting, new beginning. You’re putting yourself first and making self-love a priority, no longer shying away from drawing boundaries against those who abuse them.

Halfway through the month, we have Saturn and Jupiter going direct. There is sure to be a conversation, most likely multiple conversations, that bring you deep and intense clarity. If you’ve been feeling confused about where you stand with someone, it is likely that you will receive your answers around this time. And with Mercury turning direct on the 18th, you’re socializing with friends more than ever.

The 20th is sure to be an exciting day for you. If you have children, spend some time with them, playing games and having fun together. Regardless, you’re inner child is calling out for you, to reconnect with another. Do some arts and crafts, or sing and dance, or write a poem!

Coming into Scorpio season, it’s time for you to rest up. Mars transiting into Scorpio will not hit you as hard as other signs, so it is unlikely that you will become involved in conflict around the 30th. You have a lot of secrets in your mind at this time, and you aren’t telling a soul.


Kicking off September, your career path or job is shifting. Some of you are starting a new job, or rethinking your business goals. With Pluto turning direct in Capricorn on the 6th, this event is sure likely to affect your sign the most. People have been underestimating your talents and value for far too long, and suddenly you will be able to prove yourself, making others look foolish for second-guessing you. Many of you are being promoted to a higher position of authority.

When it comes to your love life, you’re facing the end of a long chapter. While some may be breaking up with a partner or saying goodbye to a romantic interest, others could be involved in a secret affair. This is not necessarily the right time for meeting someone new — it would be best to wait at least another month or so before you try putting yourself out there.

Mid-month, your ruling planet Saturn goes direct, uncovering many blockages in your life — no more setbacks in gaining money and resources. There’s also Jupiter going direct a week later, blessing you with great material abundance. There could be gifts, or you could stumble upon crazy-huge sales while out shopping. Also at this time, Mercury turns direct, providing yet another advancement for your career. Watch what you say, because it seems that everyone is listening!

A full moon occurs on the 20th in the sign of Aries, placing a spotlight on your home and family life. You could be spending time with family members, or close friends who feel like family, on this day. You’re likely not itching to go out — nothing wrong with a cozy night at home.

Coming into Scorpio season, you’re feeling more inspired to hang out with friends. There could be certain friends you’ve been feeling distant with lately, who you’d like to get to know better on a much deeper level.


Stepping into October, you’re taking a brand new direction in life. Some of you are literally making travel plans to go on vacation. Others are thinking hard about your five-year-plan. Perhaps it’s time the switch career paths, or place more emphasis on your love life, or spend more time with certain friends? Maybe it’s time to move location and find a new home? Take some time to breathe and figure out what you truly want.

Romantic and platonic relationships collide around the first week of this month. You could be introducing your new babe to your friendship group, or perhaps you’re previously friend-zoned friend is looking more attractive to you these days. Some of you aren’t even thinking about romance at all, as you’re finding deep emotional satisfaction through your best friends. As for those who are in long-term commitments, it’s time to ponder where your relationship is headed — what does the near future hold you for two?

With both Saturn and Jupiter both going direct in your sign of Aquarius, this is sure to affect you the most of all the zodiac. This past summer has been especially rough on you, compared to everyone else. Your self-discipline has been lacking, and your luck has been just crappy. Rest assured, this is all about to turn around during the second and third weeks of October. Your patience shall be rewarded!

Alongside, Mercury is also going direct at this time. You could be communicating with others about traveling. Or, there could be an important relationship with someone regarding moving forward — such as taking your relationship to the next level, or speaking to a boss about a promotion or career switch.

The 20th’s full moon is sure to be social for you, or a time of self-expression. Go out and do something that makes you feel heard and seen! A couple days later begins Scorpio season, welcoming transformation and mystery. And then following with Scorpio transiting to Mars no the 30th, you’re feeling motivated to take action in regards to your work life or social status. You’re urging to make an impact on the world!


This month kicks off with a deep sense of mystery as you are diving headfirst into the unknown. You could be feeling extra secretive and introverted on the 6th. Also on this day, with Pluto going direct, you could hear shocking news from a friend or experience an overall change in your friendship circle. It will become clear as to who you can trust and who you cannot.

Your reputation is extra charming this month, and many people are highly attracted to you. There could very well be a workplace romance going on. You could be dating a co-worker, boss, or client. Many people at your job or school are crushing on you.

Mid-month, we have three planets coming out of retrograde and turning direct, bringing a sense of forward movement. Secrets could be spilled — but when it comes to you’re own secrets, you’re keeping your mouth shut. You’re feeling very strategic as to what information you choose to tell others versus what you refuse to disclose. Pay attention to your dreams at this time, because some of them may be prophetic.

Mercury going direct on the 18th brings a very intense conversation around this time. This could be about romantic intimacy or business ventures. Whatever it is, you have some mysteries to solve, and you’re determined to get to the bottom of it.

The 20th’s full moon could bring you a gift or bonus paycheck! For some, this could also be very romantic timing, as you and your honey see eye to eye. Concluding the month comes Scorpio season, bringing you a strong sense of determinism. Around the 30th, you could travel somewhere new, or make a bold gesture.


  • 6th — New moon Libra
  • 6th — Pluto turns direct (Capricorn)
  • 7th — Venus enters Sagittarius
  • 10 — Saturn turns direct (Aqua)
  • 18 — Jupiter turns direct (Aqua)
  • 18 — Mercury turns direct (Libra)
  • 20 — Full moon Aries
  • 23 — Sun in Scorpio
  • 30 — Mars enters Scorpio

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